|March Favourites|

Happy Easter, and Happy second day of April!!!!.

I can’t believe it’s ‘Spring’ yet the weather is soooo miserable outside, really hoping the weather picks up soon. Another month over and another colourful favourites post!


As always a lovely range of skincare and make up haha.


Despite it just being Christmas ( well 4 months ago) I ran out of body washed and picked this one up from Superdrug. I think it’s one of there own brands and it’s called ‘Fruity’. I’ve used this brand before and really liked it so I thought id’s try out a different scent. I love the range of scents they do and I love how well it lathers up. I also love the fact that it’s only 99p!. Highly recommend if you don’t always want to spend a lot on body wash.


I have quite a range of body lotions at the moment but I’m finding this one is currently my go to. It’s from The body Shop‘s Christmas range and it’s in the scent ‘Frosted Berries’. Simply divine. I use this mainly on an evening after bathing and it really helps my skin feel extra soft and very hydrated, which is what I need. I love products from The body shop and have recently fallen back in love with there lotions.


I can’t live without my tangle teezer. I heard so many great things about these before I bit the bullet and bought one. I use this mainly when my hair is wet and it smooths out my hair from the first brush, unlike my other Mark Hill paddle brush. I feel that with this my hair doesn’t fall out as much as it used to. I opted for this little compact one as I wasn’t sure how much I was gonna love it but I love how small it is and it’s space saving in my bag if I need to take it anywhere (I’ll be taking it on holiday with me for sure). Highly recommend tangle teezers!.


As you can see I’ve used this a lot this month haha. I use this daily so it’s now currently become my every day eyeshadow palette. I’ve never tried any beauty products from the Pixi by Petra range, but after seeing how well pigmented this little palette is, I’ll definitely be checking them out more. This palette is perfect for gold day time looks, I love the range of shades you get and they apply really well and have no drop outs.


I’m still obsessing over this Make Up Revolution collab with Sophie does nails highlighting palette which can be found online and in Superdrug. I use this daily so the palette has a decent range for day time and night time looks. I love that there’s some subtle shades in there and some out there shades ( white in particular).

Have you tried any of these products/brands? What have you been loving in March?

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|March Favourites|

    1. same it lasts really well I put it on on an evening and my skin the next day feels like I’ve just put it on! (if that makes any sense haha). There scents are amazing.


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