|Hamsterley Forest – OOTD|

Happy Monday, hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

If you saw my Instagram (xamylouise89x) you will of seen that I wasn’t at work and that I went out for the day with my parents to a place I’ve not been to since I was a kid. We went to Hamsterley Forest which is a little past Durham and it’s a popular destination for those who love the great outdoors, love to bike ride and go on long walks into the woods. I love that whilst the car parks were full when you go on a walk you don’t really see that many people, and you can just enjoy the surroundings and being at one with nature.

The weather was alright not sunny but dry which naturally makes a difference, I actually left the house without my coat yes that’s right I ditched my coat and put on my trusty leather jacket!. It felt amazing not wearing a big heavy coat, hat and a scarf. As I didn’t wear my coat I thought I would share with you guys my little outfit.


I have my trusty leather jacket on which is from Miss Selfridge , a hoodie that is super blooming comfy from Topshop (where ever else) my River Island jeans and Topshop boots that really need throwing out as there so old now but I can’t bring myself too.


I recently picked up this T-shirt from Primark and I bloody love it!. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and couldn’t resist purchasing this for only £8!. Whilst I liked a few other t-shirts in the Harry Potter range I felt that this was the only one I would actually wear out and was more me in the sense of colour. I love that the material is soft and its so comfy which if what I love when it comes to clothes (obviously). Highly recommend checking out there rang of HP and of course there Disney range if you haven’t already!. I’ve already got my eye on quite a few other pieces from there.

Oh and if you’ve not already noticed I have changed my hair and gone from being a blondie to a silver/grey colour, and I’m LOVING IT!. Randomly decided to bite the bullet and change my hair. You only live once so why not.

What have been up to this weekend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|Hamsterley Forest – OOTD|

  1. Your hair looks so good! I love that the t-shirt is still HP themed but can be worn out without looking like a giant fangirl (not that there is anything wrong with that) xx


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