|My Current Netflix Binges|

Happy Wednesday. Hope you’re all having a lovely sunny day!.


I’ve recently got back into watching Netflix and I am loving all these box sets/ Netflix originals. I have been trying to spend an hour or so a night to take time away from Social Media and my phone and have some chill time watching tv shows/films. Whilst I love reading on a evening I find it makes me more tired so I’ve been going between reading and watching Netflix.

So here’s what I am watching/have been watching!



Despite having the boxset of this and having seen every episode multiple of times this was a no brainer for me when it came on Netflix. I’m not going to explain what friends is because I’m sure most of you will of already seen it or know about it. I’m OBSESSED I think I’m now up to series 6 and I’m really enjoying re-watching all the seasons and remembering why I loved it the first time around. I remember getting seasons bought for me on video tape wayyyy before dvd’s came around and it was one of the highlights of Christmas for me. My all time fave character has to be Rachel she is just someone to look up to especially in terms of achieving your goals and never giving up until you get where you want to in life. Watching these backs brings to many memories and it’s still (for me) so funny!.

Santa Clarita Diet


This currently has 2 seasons 10 episodes in each and is simply amazing!!!!. I recently finished watching this and once I started I was hooked. It features Drew Barrymore and I really love her as an actress so I was very pleased to see she was in this and looked forward to seeing what her role was.  If you don’t know what this programme is about then it’s an American horror comedy where Sheila turns into a zombie and starts craving human flesh. For someone who’s not into horrors in the slightest and gets creepy out by blood and gore I BLOODY LOVED THIS SHOW! I really hope they are making another series and they left it on a cliff hanger and I would love to watch more haha.

Lost In Space


I started this last night and by god I’m hooked already. Si-fi films/documentaries aren’t really my thing but for some reason this stood out to me and thought I’d see what it’s about. This series is based upon the 1965 version that follows a family of pioneering space colonists that gets lost in space. I’m enjoying it so far!.

Other things I’ve watched recently on Netflix is Magic Mike XXL because I’m obsessed with Channing Tatum Daddy’s Home which was quite funny and Jack Whitehall’s Travels with my father which had me laughing from start to finish and I can’t wait to see the second series when it airs in September!.

Have you got any Netflix recommendations?

Thank you for reading xxx

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21 thoughts on “|My Current Netflix Binges|

    1. I watched about 6 episodes of friends last night it’s so easy to binge watch 🙂 and no I haven’t I shall make a note of it and will duffs give it a watch 🙂


  1. I couldn’t get into the drew Barrymore one . Maybe should have given more time

    Check out love on Netflix , easy cool indie type series with laughs and bittersweet moments x


  2. Love your list of shows! I, as well love Santa Clarita Diet. It’s just a really great quirky gem where the second season was just as great as the first one.

    My absolute favorite Netflix original gems besides Santa Clarita Diet are: LOVE, Bloodline, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Wet, Hot American Summer, to name just a few. Huge TV Nerd over here, lol.


      1. Me too! I took forever to get around to watching season two as the season came out the day before I was to get wisdom teeth surgery. So, yeah, my mind wasn’t really on watching any TV at the time, lol. But wow! I watched season two and I forgot seriously how great stranger things was. I too, can not wait for next season as well. Glad to see another fan of the show!

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