| An Evening With In The Frow|

Happy Monday, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. How amazing was The Royal Wedding!, Meghan looked stunning in both the wedding dress and her evening dress!. Such a lovely couple and so lovely to watch another moment in History being made!

On Thursday I got to spend an evening with Victoria from In The Frow  and it was a fantastic event. The event was held at the French Salon part of Fenwick’s department store in Newcastle, showcasing the latest summer fashion if you were heading to a wedding or a day at the races from Self Portrait, Rixo and Burberry. All high end brands that were simply divine to look at. I for one could not pull off any of the dresses that were showcased but the two models looked amazing!. It was amazing to hear Victoria’s thoughts on them as well as she always looks so stunning in everything she wears. She’s like a style icon!

Here’s a look at the amazing dresses – and one jumpsuit:


So far the dress above has to be one of my faves, I adore the colour and the style of this dress and I can see myself wearing something like to if I was going to a wedding or a fancy do.


Again I love the colours of the dress above I like the pattern but can’t see myself wearing something as bold as this, but it’s very pretty to look at.


Definitely not a fan of the dress above I don’t like the style in the sense that it’s straight up and down not very figure flattering and is very plain.  I also don’t like the strip down the sides of the dress it feels too much like a tracksuit.

After the model’s had showed us the outfit’s there was a little Q&A were the audience got to ask Victoria questions most of which was fashion related with the odd question about her Instagram. Once the Q&A was finished we then got to meet Victoria and have a little chat with her which was so lovely, she’s super friendly and is very easy to talk too. Victoria is someone I’ve looked up to since I started blogging and especially since I want to do more fashion type posts. She’s just such an inspiration to anyone! It proves that hard work does pay off and anything can be achieved through time.


Victoria mentioned in her talk that wacking on a pair of heels can glam up any outfit and transform it from a day to a night outfit. I’m deffs going to give this tip a whirl as I much prefer going out on an evening in jeans and a nice top but sometimes I feel that I look underdressed compared to others so I may invest in more summer heels and try this out. I also love that she embraces her body and wears low back tops/dresses where you can’t really wear a bra with and I LOVE this style but don’t feel I can wear them as I’m not as confident however I’m going to learn to embrace myself more and try wearing these types of clothing as I think some of the back detailing on things I’ve seen look so pretty! I have definitely learnt a lot from this evening and will be takin things said on board!

I really enjoyed the event and I left feeling very inspired not only to blog and do YouTube more but to be more in with fashion. I’m the type of girl who’s not a massive fan of shopping and can get bored after an hour of looking around the shops, and don’t even get me started on when it comes to trying things on in a shop BUT I now want to make more of an effort to buy things when I see them and be more daring and bold with colour. My wardrobe is 8/10 all black with the odd item of colour (mainly mustard) but after this talk I’m definitely going to try more colours instead of reaching for my go to black colour.

What are you summer fashion trends of 2018? Who is your style icon?

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “| An Evening With In The Frow|

  1. Absolutely love the pieces! But as you said, I wouldn’t wear them myself! I might try the “dress it up with heels” idea a go too, just means I’m gonna have to invest in some heels that are suitable!


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