|May Favourites|

Happy Friday!!! Any plans for the weekend? I’d love to know in the comments.

Another month over and here’s my May Faves!!! a little later than I usually post but hey it’s still here :).


First thing I’ve been loving in May is this fabulous lipstick by MDM Flow!


I received this product in the Glossy box limited edition case that I got for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it!. I’ve never heard of the brand before and I’m loving it. When I first saw this colour I initially thought it was going to be a dark purple colour but now it turns into a lovely BERRY TONE colour!!!, which we all know I love. It applies really well and it’s not too drying on my lips, so the formula is fab for me, its a matte product and its just lovely, really pleased with it.

Next up is Palmer’s facial oil.


I love this brand and have done for years now and this facial oil is my fave oil that I have tried so far. It dries in quite quickly you don’t need to use much product and naturally it smells of coconut! I use this product every other evening and sometimes mix it in with my moisturiser if I’m feeling lazy, but I usually use it on it own and leave it to fully absorb into my skin.

Keeping with the coconut theme I appear to have going on right now (not that I’m complaining coconut is one of my all time fave scents!) I have been loving this hair mask from Organic Shop


I’m now totally obsessed with hair masks and spending more time on my hair and this mask is just perfect. You leave it on for roughly 10 mins and your left with super soft and amazing smelling hair.  The formula isn’t too thick either and again you don’t need much product, with this mask I just use it on the length of my hair and not on my scalp. I never knew I’d be into hair masks this much but I’m loving them!.

I’ve fallen back in love with Soap and Glory and their body butters.


Sugar crush is my all time fave I just adore the smell and the texture of their butters is all you need for your skin to feel nice and soft. As you can see I’m almost out of this little tub, I’ve been going between this and a one I have from The body shop. I use them daily as no-one like dry skin especially as I’m going on holiday next week.

And finally this amazing book ‘The F Word’ by the lovely Lily Pebbles!


I have been spending more time recently reading books and less time on social media and this book is just amazing. It’s all about female friendships and the different types of them throughout your lifetime and how to deal with them especially in different situations. This book made me really question and look into my own friendship group and the friends I used to have when I was younger and how they have shaped me up as a person. It made me value the friends I have around me now and understand that people come and go in your life and you’ve got to respect that and deal with it and not take anything for granted. I learnt a lot from this book that I didn’t know before and really enjoyed reading about Lily’s life in terms of female friendships and the changes that we all go through as females. Female friendships are very important to us I’ve always known that but never really taken notice of it before until I read this book, I would highly recommend it!

What have you guys been loving in May?

Thank you for reading xxx

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10 thoughts on “|May Favourites|

  1. Beautiful monthly favourites Amy, the yellow background really grabbed my attention! I’ve tried some products by the Organic Shop and have been highly impressed, particularly with them being natural and so inexpensive. You really made me want to pick up Lily Pebbles book too, it’s nice to see a YouTuber write a book about something a bit different. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. I strongly recommend that book! I can talk and talk about it until I’m blue in that face haha it’s so good! oooo nice to see your also a fan of the Organic shop products, I’m loving them!. Yeah I thought I’d go for a bright colour background instead of white all the time. Thank you for reading. 🙂 xx


  2. I absolutely love the sugar crush range! It’s smells amazing! And I’ve been meaning to read the F-Word, it looks so great! Thanks for sharing your favourites!xx


    1. I highly recommend the F word its an fantastic read I kept reading going ‘OMG yes thats so true’ or ‘that is whats happening in my life’ ect. And I’m glad you also love the sugar crush range ❤ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Now that I have broken up for summer, I have really been enjoying reading as well. I have never read Lily’s book but it looks so pretty! xx


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