|I’m So Excited!|

Happy Mondayyyyy 🙂

I’ve quite a few things that I’m very much looking forward to  later this year and even next year!, yes that’s right I’m already planning things for 2019!. I love planning things and making memories with my family and my friends. I also love planning things because planning makes me happy!.

Im going to do this in order of months so the first thing I’m really looking forward to is this weekend! I’m flying solo for the first time in my life to Croatia to join my parents on their holiday. There staying in a villa and it simply looking beautiful. My mam send me over lots of photo’s and wow it looks so pretty!.


This has to be one of my fave photo’s out of the 25 my mam sent me, I can’t wait to be sat chilling on a sun lounger and going for a swim. I’ve never stayed in a villa before so I’m very excited, I love the idea of not having to share a pool with others and I’m very much looking forward to the peace and quite!.



I’ve always wanted to see Britney ever since I was a little girl and now that I am I can’t wait!. I’ve watched a few video’s from her Vegas shows and it looks fabulous!. It also means a little trip to Manchester! which excites me as I love weekends away!



The art of seduction QUEEN! The reason I myself do Burlesque, my idol, my burly queen. Dita is my inspiration and I’m very excited that she’s bringing her show to the UK. I’m taking my mam to see her and show her what Dita is all about!. I’m very much looking forward to see her preform her famous Martini routine!

And finally MAGIC MIKE LIVE!!!


I’m a huge fan of the films and I’m very pleased to have gotten tickets for the final show of the tour in April 2019!. I’ve never seen a male ‘strip show’ so to speak so I’m very excited to see this LIVE. I love that Channing’s brought his show to the UK and I know it’s just going to be amazing. After watching the cast of the London show on Britains got talent I just knew that I had to get tickets!!!.  I also can’t wait to go back to London as I really do love that city.

What are you looking forward to? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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Images taking from Google except the one of the villa.

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