|My Holiday Essentials|

Happy Fridayyyy 🙂 Hope you are all well and are having a fabulous week in the sunshine we are currently experiencing! I for one am loving it.

As you all know I have recently been away on my holibobs and I thought I would share with you some of the things I took with me.

DSCN4599 copy

A lovely mixture of skin and hair care products!, perfect for any time of the year, well aside from the sun oil :).

DSCN4594 copy

Face wipes are my go to for on holiday as it saves time bringing micellar water and cotton pads for me personally. I also decided this time to take with me a hydrating face mask as I didn’t want my skin to dry out in the heat too much. I got gifted these by the brand Yes To  along with a hydrating roll on body moisturiser. They are of course coconut scented because we all know by know that that is my all time fave smell of the summer!, I was quite pleased when I seen that I had received the coconut scent as they have 9 other’s to choose from. If you haven’t heard of this brand before you really do need to check them out, I’m very impressed especially with the face wipes as I found it took off my benefit mascara with ease! I’m very keen to try other products from this fab brand!

DSCN4597 copyDSCN4600 copy

Keeping with the coconut theme I naturally have going on I took with me my trusty Palmer’s 24hour moisturise body lotion. I’m a huge fan of this brand and this body lotion is amazing. I love that I can still feel it on my skin the next day resulting in my skin being less dry and much more softer and glowy.

This holiday I decided to try out Hawaiian Tropic protective dry oil in SPF 10. I’ve never used this brand before so I was very keen to try it out. I love it, I used it daily to top up after my sun cream had dried in and found it worked really well with my pale skin, and it’s helped my in opinion my tan alot!. I also adore the smell of it being coconut & mango, they go well together. Very impressed and will definitely be trying more from this brand.

DSCN4596 copyDSCN4601 copy

I took away Simple’s hydrating light moisturiser and it’s safe to say I’ve been loving it!. I don’t usually use simple products anymore but I picked this up at a bargain price of around £2.29 ish and thought it would be perfect. I really can feel a difference with my skin I used this twice a day when I was away, and it did help my skin be hydrated.

As my hair is coloured I decided to take with me a hair mask for when I’ve used my silver shampoo and this product is great!. It’s only a sample type size and it really did do the trick with my hair. It made is super soft and it smells amazing!. I would recommend Mark Hill products and will be trying more in the future!.

There you have it a few of the things I took away with me, stay tuned for more holiday related posts!.

What’s your fave product to take away on holiday with you?

Thank you for reading xxx

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10 thoughts on “|My Holiday Essentials|

  1. Wipes are for sure more convenient to carry around. I haven’t tried anyone I find moisturizing enough that are also affordable. I find it annoying that I can’t get this brand in Denmark. I’ll wait untill I place an online order somewhere and I’ll check out if they carry these wipes:)


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