|My Fave Holiday Outfit|

Hi everyone hope you’ve had a lovely sunny weekend!

In June I went on holiday to beautiful Croatia (holiday posts coming soon) and that meant that I needed some new holiday attire. Who doesn’t love going away with a whole new wardrobe! it’s my fave thing. I hate shopping but there’s just something about holiday shopping that for me makes the experience more bearable.

I’m a massive Caroline Flack fan and I love the clothes she’s wears, she’s like a style icon (for me) so when I heard that she was releasing a clothing collection with River Island I was very excited!. It’s not often I shop in there not because I don’t like it but because sometimes I struggle to find things in there that suit me. Her whole collection is holiday inspired and very floral related which for me isn’t something I tend to purchase but with it being summer and holiday style I just instantly fell in love with all of it! If you’ve not seen the collection yet then just click here 

DSC_0012 copyDSC_0016 copy

This is the pink floral Bardot mini dress that I instantly fell in love with as soon as I tried it on!. I’m obsessed with Bardot tops anyway so when I saw this it was just perfect, I was so pleased to see this type of style in the collection and even though I’m not a huge fan of the colour pink I actually quite like this shade.

DSC_0018 copyDSC_0026 copy

The dress itself cost £46 which is something I don’t normally spend that amount on but because I liked the dress so much I decided to treat myself to it, I work hard for my money so a little treat like this now and then is just what I need. The fabric is woven and its very comfortable to wear. I adore the whole detailing of it and I feel confident in wearing it. I have teamed the dress up with a belt even thought the dress itself comes with a little tie belt but I feel like this belt gives a bit more detail. I also dressed down the dress with a pair of trainers, just because on holiday I don’t take heels away with me and because trainers are super comfy and being comfy is key!

DSC_0030 copyDSC_0031 copy

I really love this whole outfit and it was by far my fave of the whole holiday. I can’t wait to wear this dress again.

Have you purchased anything from this fab range yet? I also have the shirt from this collection too and have my eye on the t-shirts!.

Thank you for reading xxx

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16 thoughts on “|My Fave Holiday Outfit|

    1. The dress is my fave I’m currently sat writing up my holiday outfit post as I really like some of the photo’s taken haha. Travel posts coming soon but there is 2 vlogs from this holiday on my YT channel youtube.com/amylouise89. xx


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