|What I Got Up To In Croatia|

Happy Friday, hope you’re all excited for the weekend!.

I thought despite this post being late as I’ve been home from my holiday for over a month now but I still had the urge to share some of my photo’s and talk a little about what I got up too. I have done 2 little travel vlogs over on my  channel if you would like to see those.

We stayed in a James Villa called Villa Tina which was around 6 miles out of beautiful Rovinj.  Rovinj is a fishing port on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. It’s full of cobbled streets and full of quirk which is what I love! We had a hire care included in the price to it made it easy to get around as there was literally no buses at all and if I’m honest I didn’t even see a taxi, which I know is odd for a holiday resort. There is a villa tour on my vlog if you want to see that as I don’t have any photo’s of inside the beautiful villa.

My first night in Rovinj was lovely as we watched a stunning sunset and ate some lovely food, we didn’t stay out too late as I was still knackered from being up all of the night before travelling as I stayed overnight in Manchester Airport as I was flying by myself to meet my parents who were already in Croatia on their holiday.


The next day we headed out early to a place called Opatija which is a Croatian coastal town on the Adriatic Sea.


I really enjoy being by the sea and looking out onto beautiful scenery. This place was beautiful and we even stumbled across a little park which was lovely and cool as it had ALOT of shade.

Third day we went on a boat trip which turned out to be a massive disaster from start to finish. We spent the morning in a place called Fazana before boarding a boat to see the Brijuni Islands where there is set to be lots of animals on the island and it’s also an island where A-Listers go.


Forth day we went to Groznjan. Grožnjan is a settlement and municipality in Croatia. It is part of Croatia’s Istria County, which takes up most of the Istria peninsula. It is the only Croatian settlement to have an ethnic Italian majority.  It was a lovely little place and I really enjoyed exploring around there and eating some amazing dough balls!. From there we went to Novigrad which was a port that lead onto a lovely beach with some quirky streets featuring some umbrellas!.


The rest of the holiday we tended to chill around the villa on inflatables and occasionally went to the beach that was opposite Rovinj.

We did head to Lim Fjord which is a bay/valley and it was about a 10 minute drive from the villa. On that evening we took another boat trip to try and see some Dolphins. I love Dolphins so I was excited for this trip, whilst we did see them in the distant it was lovely to be on a boat watching the sunset.

DSCN4619edIMG_3733edIMG_3802edDSCN4637edIMG_3794edIMG_3737 copy

I had a fantastic week and would highly recommend visiting Croatia, it really is a stunning place. To see more of Croatia then please check out my little travel vlogs!

Have you been on holiday this year, where did you go?

Thank you for reading xxx

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14 thoughts on “|What I Got Up To In Croatia|

  1. Oh my! Such amazing photos you captured. Croatia looks beautiful!!! I’ve only been on vacation to New York & San Diego this year, not half as extravagant as Croatia!

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    1. I’m so pleased I went it’s beautiful. Highly recommend it. You can see it better In my vlogs I just didn’t wanna post lots of pic haha thank you for reading xx


    1. We got stuck and had to go to a different port/harbour to the one we got on as the sea became so choppy for us to get back. I know the weather was lush right up until the last day when it thundered and lightening and rained most of the day haha xx

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