|July Favourites|

IT’S AUGUST!!!! how on earth did that happy we are more than half more through the year how, how crazy!!!. Hope you’re all having a lovely week.

Here’s what I have been lovely in July!!!!


Let’s start with hair!


As you all know I currently have silver hair and whilst I do get my silver locks done professionally at the hairdresser’s I have been using this product in between times and wow I LOVE IT! I use bleach London silver shampoo and conditioner every other wash so I’m familiar with the brand so when I saw this I just knew I had to give it a try!. This is there ‘Fade to grey‘ charcoal grey toner and it works so well with my hair. This develops in 20 minutes and is a semi permanent die that lasts according to the box around 16-20 washes. For me and my hair this lasts around 4 washes but that’s because my hair is weird and nothing last’s long in my hair for some reason. Despite that I am very impressed with this toner as it gives me the colour I want every time. I mainly use this if I’ve an event coming up and my roots are too bad for me to go to the hairdressers so for that reason this product works well for me.


I’ve never tried this CO LAB brand before but what attracted me to purchase it was the fact that is says ‘oil absorption without white residue’ . I often use dry shampoo between washes or if I don’t have time to actually wash my hair before work and this works a treat. I adore the smell and I love the fact that you get no white residue. I hate dry shampoo’s where you can see all the white stuff that gets stuck in your parting and it doesn’t look that good when your going to work, so for me this product has became one of my faves where dry shampoo is concerned. I will definitely be trying out more of their dry shampoo’s once I’m finished with this one!.


We all know that I’m a massive LUSH fan and that I adore there bath products I haven’t however used much of there facial products. I mean I am a fan of the face masks that I have tried from LUSH but never anything really, so when this was in one of my goodie bags from an event I was very pleased, I’ve been using this EAU ROMA toning water every morning for the past month and I have to say I am very impressed with it. This is a gentle tonic that helps to hydrate the skin without causing it to overreact, which sometimes can happen with certain products. I’m quite lucky that so far I’ve only ever had a facial reaction to one product ever and that was a glam glow face mask. This toning water is made up of both lavender water and rose water so it smells amazing!. Lavender water is used to supply gentle and soothing properties to your skin, and rose water helps your skin to retain moisture. It also helps to even out your skin tone and improve it’s appearance.


I’m a huge lover of The Body Shop and when I heard about there new banana range I just knew I was going to fall in love, especially as I like banana’s. Here I have the shower cream and the body yogurt, and they are both amazing and smell super bananaery!!!!. The Body Shop have recently brought out body yogurts that are 100% cruelty free and are also vegan. They are fast absorbing moisturisers that have a gel type formula suitable for all skin types.  I love that these yogurts provide 48hr moisture and leave your skin silky smooth and giving it a healthy looking natural glow. I also love that it’s fast absorbing which is perfect if your in a rush but want to make sure your skin is moisturised. They also come in I think 8 different scents so there’s something for everyone!. I just love this brand it’s definitely one of my faves!


I picked up this bath product when I was in York not long ago from a shop called ‘Yorkshire Soap Company’ it’s its amazing. Unfortunately the shops are only located up north but they do have a website in which you may be able to order from, so just click here so see more of there handmade gift sets and bath products. This is from there new Fizzpop range which is a bathing powder that has actual popping candy in it!. There was quite a few difference scents in this range and the lady who was serving me said that this one was the most popular one so I went with it. I like the smell of watermelons and this is packed with smell!, it’s amazing!. I have been loving using this product on days I don’t feel like a bath bombs or a bubble bar yet want something fruity in my bath to help me relax more and this product has came in super handy!.

What have you been loving in July? Have you tried the body yogurts yet?

Thank you for reading xxx


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12 thoughts on “|July Favourites|

  1. I remember body yogurts/butters being a huge thing when I was a teenager but not so much anymore so I am glad they are making a comeback. I personally do not like the banana smell so will not be purchasing but I do love the Body Shop otherwise. xx


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