|Current Summer Faves|

Good afternoon lovelies, hope you’re all have a lovely week so far :).

I thought I would share with you a couple of my go to products at the moment, that I blooming loving this summer.


I adore the summer months and being out in the sunshine, going for walks drinking lots of cool drinks, talking lots of snaps and these few products have been key to making me feel fab!.


As soon as I spray on my perfume I instantly feel fab and feeling like I smell a million dollars. I picked this up at the airport in Croatia on my recent holiday, and wow as soon as I smelt it I just knew it was going to be my summer scent. I’ve always liked the scents in the daisy range and I was not disappointed by this smell. This is a limited edition fragrance that helps  transports you to a beautiful place with endless blue skies, sparkling sunshine and flowers blooming everywhere, perfect for summer!


We all know I’m obsessed with The Body Shop products and I love there hand creams. This scent in particular is one of my fave scents. I use this hand cream on a.morning and on an evening and I can see the difference by using it daily. My hands feels super soft and it helps keep my cuticles looking nice and less dry around my nails.


I don’t usually paint my nails or get them done professionally by one of my goals for the next few months is to get my nails looking healthy and long again. I have fallen into the habit of biting my nails and I feel that when I paint them or use false stick on nails, I bite them less. I adore pastel colours in the summer still so I raked through my nail polishes and found this lovely lilac shade from Barry M. This is from there quick dry range and it’s such a lovely colour. I currently have this shade on my nails and I’m loving it. By using base and top coats I feel like the colour is lasting and my nails already feel stronger.


Despite using Make up revolutions setting spray daily this little gem of a product has taken over. I love this product because not only does it set my make up in place it also hydrates my skin. This is a mist based product so not a lot comes out in each spray compared to actual setting spray. It’s very light and is very handy in this weather as it’s also got a cooling aspect to it. It’s by a brand called SportFx where there products are focused on active woman i.e woman who work out in the gym/exercise at home. I shall leave the link to there website here they have a FAB range of products and all at a reasonable price!.


And finally this Zoella beauty lip oil. I really like this product and I adore that it’s cherry scented, despite not being a huge fan of cherry scented products. This is from Zoe’s new splash botanicals range that has been recently launched. Whilst I’m not a fan of the other products in this range (I’m just not a fan of the scent) I absolutely love this. I like the packaging and the fact that this product makes my lips extra soft and makes the dryness of my lips disappear.  This product is  very enriched with a conditioning blend of sweet almond, jojoba and argan oils that help to nourish and hydrate your lips.Definitely needed in this heat as well as in the cooler months.

What are your summer essentials? Also if there are any blog post’s you’d love for me to do then please let me know in the comments! ❤

Thank you for reading xxx

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15 thoughts on “|Current Summer Faves|

    1. I keep buying MJ perfumes to especially as I use that one for work then I’ve the Chloe one I wear when Im not at work haha, see my nails have chipped already I even used a top and bottom coat 😦 haha


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