|Seaside On The Quayside – OOTD|

Happy Thursday, hope your all having a lovely week.

Last week if you saw on my Instagram stories I went to the Seaside on the quayside beach huts which is down on Newcastle’s beautiful quayside. Whenever the weather is decent and if I’m just out shopping I always like to venture down and have a little stroll along the quayside it’s just so lovely.

As the weather up north is starting to get a little chilly on the evenings and sometimes during the day now I ended up digging out my trusty leather jacket, wacking on a pair of jeans and popping on a t-shirt. Another simple outfit that I think works really well.


I adore the colours of these huts, there are 5 huts in total and they just make the cutest little backdrop. I just love these photos.


I’m obsessed with Friends so when I saw this t-shirt quoting ‘ We were on a break’ in Primark I just had to purchase it. I love how it ties at the bottom rather than being a straight tuck into jeans type of top.

What was your last Primark purchase? or purchase in general?

Thank you for reading xxx

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