|August Favourites|

Happy Wednesday or should I say Happy Hump Day as people on Instagram call it.

Hope you’re all having a fab week so far!. Here’s what I was loving in August!


As always it’s quite a mixture.


Eve of Man – I finished reading this before August but I just had to mention it. I bloody loved this book. I wasn’t that keen at first when I heard that Tom and Giovanna were writing a book together as I wasn’t sure how it would work.  They both have different writing skills and write different style of books from one another, however this book is amazing. I wasn’t sure at first when I first started reading it but a few chapters in and boy was I hooked. This book is part of a trilogy and by the time I finished this book I was itching for more. I can’t wait for the next part especially as this book ends on a cliffhanger. Eve of man without going into too much detail is about a girl named Eve who is the first girl to be born in 50years and is kept away in a safe place, away from the the public and away from men. Really recommend this book it’s a good read.


Biotin & Collagen Shampoo – I have very thin year these days due to the fact I’ve been dying it for 10+ years, so I’ve been hunting around for a shampoo that helps with thickness and of course strength. My dad actually uses this product and after seeing the results on his hair it made me want to try it. I’ve used a quite a few times now and I can actually feel the difference. My hair feels more fuller and much more hydrated. I also use the conditioner as well which also helps my hair out more. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this shampoo and it also has a lovely scent to it too.


Jewellery –  I’m not usually one for jewellery no idea why but recently I’ve been buying more pieces and my collection now seems to be growing and I’m loving it. I picked these rings up from an independent store which has just opened up in Newcastle and I can’t fault the quality.  There reasonably priced as well think I’ve paid £9.45 each and I love wearing them. They’ve even getting some compliments haha.


Make up Revolution Baked blusher – I rediscovered when having a clear out recently and I don’t know why I got rid of it out of my current make up collection, I bloody love it. Started wearing it for work as I don’t have time to faff on with loads of products but with this being a baked blusher it also acts like a highlight as well which when your in a rush is prefect!. This is in the shade ‘Hard day’ and it’s a fab natural bronzed shade. I also love it’s marble look,  makes it such a dreamy product to use. I do have another one of these and it’s a pink tone. Highly recommend trying out there baked blushers. They also do baked highlighters as well which are also amazing. I adore this brand as there so reasonably priced.


Black Magic Mascara – I got this product in last year’s Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar and boy it’s such a fabulous product. It really makes my lashes look jet black and VERY curled.


The curved wand is just amazing especially as it gets literally every single eye lash!. I just adore this product and it’s definitely a product I’m going to purchase once I’m all out which tbh won’t be long as I’ve used this mascara every day, I’m just in love with the results.

What have been your August faves? I would love to know 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

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3 thoughts on “|August Favourites|

  1. My hair has been feeling especially dry and brittle recently after dyeing it blonde for 3 years so the shampoo sounds like the perfect solution for me. I have also being using L’Oreal’s hair mask which has been a lifesaver but I only use it once a week which I have found is not enough to keep the carryover of the good hair quality. x


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