|Seasonal Bakes – Halloween Cookies|

Happy Thursday, hope you’re all having a fantastic week.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you’ll of seen on my stories/feed that this week I baked some cookies!. I also love baking this time of year. when I see things in supermarkets I’m like ‘ These look so cool I need them’ (usually sprinkles or coloured food gel colouring) I tend to pick them up. I recently popped into my local BnM store and seen that they had these cool looking cookie mixtures in a milk bottle jar!. I thought it looked really cool so naturally I picked it up. I can’t remember how much this product was but it wasn’t a lot I know that.


So in the jar you get EVERYTHING you need in order to make the cookies, well almost. All you have to add in is 60g of unsalted butter and a splash of milk if needed. I put 60g of butter into a mixing bowl mixed it together then popped in the contents of the jar. I mixed it all together before adding in 2 splash of milk so that the crumbleness of the mixture stuck together. In the end I did have to get my hands stuck in, in order to form the dough like mixture into balls. The jar said it bakes 8 cookies I however like my cookies a little fatter so I only baked 6, and boy they turned out better than I expected.


I left in to bake in the oven for around 15 minutes and left them to cool down. Once they were cooled down I got impatient and just had to try one! They tasted a lot better than I was expecting considering it was from BnM. The centre was soft and moist yet crunchy on the outside. The little smarties in them tasted nice as well, overall I was quite pleased with how they had turned out. They also smelt really nice when they were baking in the oven as well which for me was a bonus!


Highly recommend baking these if you fancy doing a spot of baking but fancy a change from cakes. I love that all of the ingredients came in the bottle, the instructions that were on the bottle were simple and very easy to follow. I often like a nice quick and easy bake when I don’t have much time yet want to bake a little something.

What have you baked recently?

Thank you for reading xxx

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