|I Blooming Love Autumn!|

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all having a fantastic week!.

Autumn is without a doubt my fave season of them all!. There’s just something I love about it and to be honest I think it will always be my fave time of year. Here’s a few reasons on why I love Autumn!

Number 1 – Leaving changing colour and falling off the trees.

I love seeing the different autumnal shades once it gets more into October. The  different shades of reds, oranges, browns they just all look so pretty!. I love going on walks this time of year and hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet is just a sound I like to hear.


Number 2 – Wearing boots!

Ahhhh I love wearing ankle boots whether they are flat walk to work type boots or Chucky heels to out on an evening in, I just love shopping for boots! Because I have small feet and thin ankles I have to get boots that lace up so this year after searching for what seemed like a decade I finally found some that has laces! These are from New Look and I think I paid £29.99 for them. They are super comfy and I just love them.



Number 3 – Hot Chocolates.

Aside from tea the only other hot drink I like to drink is hot chocolates. I love the different flavours you can get at this time of the year, leading into the winter ranges from places like Starbuck and Costas. There’s just something about them at this time of year that makes me excited for it to be Autumn. I do occasionally get a hot chocolate if I’m out and about throughout the year but I have to be really in the mood for one compared to now.


Number 4 – Candles.

I love getting all cosy on an evening under the blanket or duvet with snacks and a movie.  A candle just instantly changes the mood and I find that the aroma helps me to relax more especially if I have been at work all day. Can’t beat a cosy night in one the weather starts to get a more colder and the evening light get darker.


Number 5 – Reading books and colouring in.

As the winter months are upon us I tend to find that I enjoy reading more in these months. I think it’s down the the fact that I have more time to, especially on my days off as I’m less likely to be on a day out somewhere (weather dependant). Colouring books are also a great way of having something to do away from Social media and I find that I love colouring in more.


Number 6 – Baking.

Now that I appear to have quite a few baking books now you can often find me in the kitchen baking a batch of cookies or cupcakes from my Tanya Bakes book. And I shall definitely be trying out a few of the Christmas recipes fromZoe Sugg’s new book, which I am totally in love with!


Number 7 – Jumpers and layers!.

I am totally 100% obsessed with knitwear, it’s by far what I live for when this season along with winter comes around. I mean who doesn’t love a good chunky jumper to get wrapped up in and going out for walks to a local National Trust place or just to the park that’s along the road from where I live. I love all things mustard and maroon colours so naturally my jumpers reflect that. I also have a mustard skirt that I love to wear with think tights and a chunky jumper. When it comes to layering up I often wear a thin t-shirt underneath my jumper, with my coat over the top with my hat, scarf and not forgetting my gloves. I blooming hate it when my hands are cold!.


Number 8 – Baths!

Nothing beats relaxing in a bubble bath or with your fave bath bomb to completely relax you and get warm and cosy!.

What are you fave things to do in Autumn time? I’d love to know!.

Thank you for reading xxx

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16 thoughts on “|I Blooming Love Autumn!|

  1. I love lighting candles and snuggling up with a blanket and a good book/tv show in the Winter time – it feels so cosy and warm. Which is your favourite candle at the moment? xx


    1. At the moment I’m loving the Halloween one. Im excited to burn the Zoe sugg one but gonna keep that until winter time. I’ll probs pick more up along the way tbh as I love candles haha yourself? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do not have a particular favourite at the moment. I could not burn candles for 3 years whilst at University so I am just getting back into using them again. xx


      2. I have no idea because it is a white candle in a glass jar with a motivational quote written in gold handwriting – vanilla perhaps? xx


      3. It is a nice piece of home decor because it looks pretty, cannot say it smells that strongly though. Excited to finish it and burn some Winter/Christmasy candles (Am I the only one that has to finish a candle before burning the next one?!) xx


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