|Seasonal Bakes – Halloween Cupcakes|

Happy Halloween!!!! Hope you having a spooktacular day.

I love baking this time of the year and having a flick through my Tanya Burr’s ‘Tanya Bakes‘ book, I came across this cupcake recipe that I thought I would try out seeing as it was in theme with Halloween. Tanya’s book is so inspiriting that I have even marked down pages of recipes I’m going to try in the next few weeks. I’m so excited I’ve already been out and bought myself some loose cake tins so I can attempt an actually cake rather than just baking cupcakes all the time.


These are chocolate cakes with vanilla flavouring, chocolate chips and with hint of strawberry jam in the middle. Jam is added to the cakes so that when you bite into the cakes it looks like blood oozing out. In some of the cakes it has worked and in others not so much however they taste amazing!. The jam’s not too overpowering.


I also made for the very first time buttercream icing that has a hint of vanilla in as well for extra flavour. I’m rubbish at pipping (still haven’t mastered the technique) so I just spooned on the icing, I don’t like a lot of icing so I didn’t overload my cakes with it. I also picked up the eatable Halloween decorations from BnM for I think £1.99.

I’m really pleased with how well these cakes turned out and I must admit they are my best batch of cupcakes to date!.  I love how the jam just adds that bit extra into the cakes and adds a bit more texture.

What’s you fave flavour of cupcakes? Mine’s caramel or red velvet

Thank you for reading xxx

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