|Fenwick’s Window- The Big Reveal!|

Happy Saturday, hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!.

As you all know one of my fave Christmas family traditions is to go and see Fenwick’s window in Newcastle. I’ve been ever since I was a little girl and even as at 29 year old adult I still adore it just like I did when I was little. This year however I went on the day it was revealed, which it something I don’t think I have ever done, as I usually wait until December to go. The window always get’s reveal on the first weekend in November and has been running this wonderful tradition since 1971!


Whilst the reveal of the window was mainly for families with children there was quite a lot of young people there and couples so there was really a vast variety of people. I loved that before and after the big countdown they were showering us in fake snow coming from the roof whilst was such a cool element to add into the atmosphere. It was very crowded but very enjoyable as well.

This years festive theme is…… THE SNOWMAN! Whilst I will openly admit that I haven’t actually seen or read the snowman I was VERY excited to see the window. Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary since the book was first released the window was super magical and extremely festive.

The window stretch shows the story of The Snowman which has really made me want to watch the film version as I’m well too old to purchase and read the book itself.


I mean just look at how magical it is!!!!


I have missed out a couple of the windows as the one’s above are my faves! and I didn’t want to fully spoil it if anyone is planning to visit. As you can see from my photo’s there’s a few famous logo’s in the reflections with the most popular Greggs sign!. I was going to photoshop out the logo’s but thought I would keep it real and leave it in.

I had a fabulous evening even though it was very crowded we still managed to see all of the windows and get our pic’s of them as I had heard that it was a struggle due to the amount of people but it was very organised thanks to the team at Fenwick’s.


How could I not get a photo it is a tradition after all!. Once we had finished looking a the window we popped into Fenwick’s and had a look round at all things Christmas related and I must admit I’m a LOVING that they have changed it onto the lower ground level as it’s much more spread out and….. colour coordinated! in terms of decorations. I also love that like last year and most years there have gifts that relate to the window. You can get 40th anniversary related snowman things from mugs to books to prints to snow globes and even teddy!. They make the perfect gifts. They also have a snowman themed cafe which again it situated in amongst the Christmas gifting/decorations.

I had the most fun evening at the reveal I would definitely do it again!. The atmosphere was great no-one was pushing everyone there was just there to have a good time and get into the Christmas spirit! My only bad thing about it was that whilst in the que we could see that you could actually meet The snowman and have your photo’s taken with him which was fab for the children but by the time it was our turn to view the window the snowman had gone, which seemed unfair to the children infant and behind me that had waited so long. I know the snowman needed a break but they could of had a stand in replacement to make it fair on all of the children.

Aside from that I would highly recommend visiting Fenwick’s window and look out for many more Christmas activities in Newcastle, I for one am already excited!.

If you missed my post on last year’s Fenwick’s window which was PADDINGTON BEAR yes that has to be on of my faves as I’m a huge lover of Mr. Paddington there just follow the link |Fenwick’s Window – Newcastle|

Have you started planned Christmas themed blog posts?  I would love to know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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18 thoughts on “|Fenwick’s Window- The Big Reveal!|

  1. This looks so amazing! I grew up doing the same thing; this window was the definition of festive! I replaced it with Selfridges and Harrods when I moved to London but I’m back in Newcastle this weekend and can’t WAIT to see the Fenwick window! These pictures are simply fabulous!


  2. Sounds like a fun evening out and a great way to start feeling Christmassy! We were at a Christmas fair yesterday and I’m already planning my content because I’m doing Blogmas this year. If you’re planning more Christmas posts I’d love to read them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo I adore Christmas fair’s they are my fave way to feel christmassy! I’d love to do blooms but I tend to run out of ideas, if you have any spare ideas floating around I’d love to know 🙂 xxx


      1. I know – you get part way through and are then stuck for ideas! I’m planning some gift guides, events or places I’m going to with a Christmas theme, maybe advent calendar content if you have one, stories seem to go down well about things that you’ve enjoyed or that happened to you….Movies/food posts etc. I love reading what everyone else is getting up to and seeing all the Christmas gifts or how people decorate their houses. Main thing – have fun! XX

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      2. I have Glossybox – sooo excited! I know some bloggers are looking in theirs early but mine has to stay under the desk until December lol! Think I need a chocolate one too though because however much fun the beauty ones are, you still need chocolate in December lol. Have you got any ideas which one you want? XXX


      3. I’m the same I always have a chocolate one it’s not the same with out it haha, and I’ve been looking at the body shop one and also the one boots currently have on offer at the moment on there star buys for 35 instead of 70 you get some good brands in it xx


  3. I have never been to Newcastle and so have never seen the windows in person but they look incredible. I have never read The Snowman but I remember seeing the film as a kid and loving it. It reminds me of the windows along Oxford Street. xx


    1. You should plan a visit up here!. Ooooo I adore Oxford street at Christmas time well most places in London at Christmas time haha. I’m gonna but the dvd of the snowman feel I need to after seeing this window haha 🙂 xx

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