|Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter|

Happy Monday, hope you all have a good weekend.

With Christmas fast approaching (how on earth is it December next Saturday) I managed to grab some last Autumnal photo’s whilst on my recent trip up to beautiful Edinburgh. Edinburgh is without a doubt one of my favourite city’s that’s drenched in history, has a lovely array of shops from high street brands to big department stores like Harvey Nichols to it’s very own beach.  I adore looking up at the old buildings and walking down narrow cobbled streets.

The Autumnal sun was out which meant that the weather was rather pleasant, this has to be without a doubt the first time I’ve ever been to Scotland when it’s been warm despite it being November. I wasn’t going to complain at that. I was layered up though and had my coat on however I did end up having to take my coat off and carry it around as I got very hot walking around and popping into shops.


We went for a wander through Princess Street Garden’s which just looked super pretty and still very Autumnal. I mean just look at those colours!. What’s not to love about it.


I couldn’t resist one final feet in leaves photo!. The leaves were gathered in a perfect bundle and very crisp. I LOVED IT.


As much as I adore Autumn as you are all aware by now, I’m very much looking forward to being all warm and cosy underneath my blankets with a hot chocolate and of course a Christmas film :).  Looking out of my hotel room onto Edinburgh’s Christmas Market really got me in the mood for Christmas, I was just gutted that the market was still getting set up so it was unfortunately closed, but it did look amazing!. Highly recommend paying a little visit.

What are you going to miss about Autumn? 

Thank you for reading xxx

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