|November Favourites|

Happy 3rd of December! I can’t quite believe it’s almost the end of 2018 and that soon Santa will of dropped us of some beautiful presents!.

I totally forgot to do an October faves post so I made sure I popped Novembers up, and here it is!. A look into what I have been loving in November.


As always with my fave posts it’s a mixture of everything haha.


First off is this gem! Blistex intensive moisturiser. My mam actually got me into this product and wow I’m so pleased she did. With the change the weather and it now getting colder as the days go on and working in a shop with different temperatures of air con/heating, my lips have become VERY sore and cracked. This product has become my little lifesaver. I use it on an evening just before bed and again throughout the day when needed. I love that it cools my lips down as well as soothes them. If I use this on an evening when I wake up next morning my lips are still very moist and they feel amazing.  Highly recommend this product and it’s a one I keep on repurchasing when I’m all out!.


Sticking with talking about my lips I recently picked up a couple of products from one of my fave brands NYX.  As you can see this is from there Slip Tease range and I blooming love it. It applies like a lip gloss but dries into matte. Perfect for me as we all know I don’t do lip gloss’s. This is in the shade ‘Strawberry Whip’. It’s lovely light berry shade that looks lovely with my skin tone and it also applies really well. It’s also got great lasting capability as well which is great for when I’m out and about, as I’m not usually one for faffing on topping up my lipstick.


Another faves that includes The Body Shop haha. I love a good pamper session so I’ve started using more body scrubs and this one is just perfect. Mainly as it smells AMAZING and we all know by now that I’m a huge fan of anything coconut scented. This lightly exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling very soft. I love the texture of this as it’s a cream stub rather than the soap and glory one I usually use. I can’t wait to try more scrubs from this amazing brand.


I very kindly got gifted this product by a brand called ‘Whats in it for me‘ which you can search for on instagram, and wow I’m so in love with this body cream. Due to the scent of this product it makes me feel so relaxed and sleepy so I have been using it on an evening rather than a morning time. It really leaves my skin very hydrated and moist which is perfect as I don’t like having dry skin. This product is amazing. Thank you for sending me this out to try!.


Finally a good ol’ book, I adore reading and one of my goals last year was to get back into reading more books (a goal I shall be continuing with next year) and I am loving it. This one I picked up from ASDA, I’ve never heard of the author before but I was captivated by the front cover and the blurb on the back of the book.  I’m almost finished reading this book and I have to admit it’s not what I thought it was, however I’m enjoying it. It’s classed as a thriller book which I’m guessing the thrill is how the book ends as up to now it’s all been about two main characters who engage in a raunchy affair.

What have you been loving in November? I’d love to know 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

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