|My Fave Thing’s About Christmas|

Happy Wednesday!, 20 days to go until Christmas!. It feels like it’s going so quickly this month and I’m excited to see what Santa brings me.

Christmas is one of my fave times (aside from Autumn) of the year, as I adore how festive places look and how cosy your house gets on a winters evening and of course relaxing in front of the Christmas tree. There’s something about fair lights and baubles on a tree that just really gets me in the mood for Christmas!. I just love it. As an adult Christmas isn’t what it’s like when your a kid, however that being said I still enjoy the run up and the big day itself. Especially all the prosecco!!!

Let’s have a peak into my fave things about the festive season!.

Christmas Films!

15622243_10154791469910350_9009282531474382177_n copy

These are two of my favourite Christmas films EVER! They both get me in the mood for Christmas!. I can’t believe Elf is now 15years old! It’s doesn’t seem that long ago since it first came out. I haven’t watched these films yet but they are on my list of the ones to watch this month. I have started watching some of the ones on Netflix and there’s quite a few on there that I am planning on watching. I recently watched ‘Love the Coopers’ and whilst I really enjoyed it it made me cry with happiness!. I did however guess what was going to happen in the movie after the first 10 minutes but sometimes movies where you already know the ending are great, especially Christmas ones! I love seeing if I got the ending right haha. Home Alone and Deck the halls are another two of my fave films to watch.

Festive Bakes

12341160_10153783933650350_4491509954005695781_n copy

Excuse the old photo I haven’t had time at the moment to get some baking done but this chocolate house is a one I did last year or the year before. I love chocolate more so around the festive season as I don’t feel guilty about eating it. Working with chocolate is VERY hard and VERY messy but making this was great fun!. I’m not a fan of gingerbread so when I saw this chocolate one I just had to have it. I can’t wait to do some candy cane cupcakes this year, they just sound yummy as I’m a huge lover of candy canes haha.

The Cola Coke Truck


Nothing gets me more in the Christmas sprint that seeing the coke truck in all its fabulous glory!. Although I missed it this year just looking back at old photo’s of it makes me excited, almost as excited every time the advert comes on. If you’ve never seen the coke truck in person I strongly recommend you do, you will LOVE IT.

Hot Chocolates and Christmas Markets


Last year I visited York’s Christmas Market and it was fabulous. I’m possibly heading back there sometime in the next few years and I can’t wait!. We all know how much I love visiting York by now and there’s just something extra special when it’s Christmas. Hot chocolates are my fave drinks this time of year especially the Christmas themed ones. I love walking around with a hot drink in my hand, even better when it’s in a. festive themed cup! I adore Christmas markets as I love sampling food and drinks from different places . I also love the atmosphere at Christmas markets and the loud Christmas music really gets me in the mood!

And finally THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!


Whilst we currently don’t have our tree up year here’s a look at our tree from last year. This years tree will be very much like it does in that photo as well really like how it looked and didn’t want to change it for this year. I love cosy evenings in with the tree lights on, watching rubbish tv or a good film with some Christmas snacks. Putting the tree up means is a family tradition in our house where we all help put it up and decorate it. A tradition that suck ever since I was little, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although I have to admit as an adult it’s not my fave thing in the world to do, and I hate how the branches feel on my hands, nevertheless it always looks so beautiful when it’s done!

What’s your fave thing to do this time of the year? Do you have your tree up yet? I’d love to see it πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|My Fave Thing’s About Christmas|

  1. Excellent movie picks. Those are among our favorites as well πŸ™‚ And all the other things are a pretty good part of our routine too – we’re even making a big batch of Christmas cookies this year!


  2. I used to live near York. I imagine the Christmas market there is great! I think we’re going to a Christmas market this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.
    I love your idea with the chocolate house πŸ™‚


  3. I absolutely love Christmas Markets and Christmas movies to get me in the spirit of Christmas! Also Christmas songs but I have to constantly find new ones for each year because I get so bored and fed-up of the older ones as they are often on repeat for ages. I was so disappointed to have missed the York Christmas Market this year – perhaps next year? xx


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