|WE Advent Calendar Days 1 – 6|

Happy Monday!!!! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and are doing lots of festive fun things.

This year I decided to only get 1 advent calendar (last year I had 2 beauty ones) and to really choose one where I would actually use all of the products. I love discovering new brands and products however last year I felt I didn’t really use them much and I didn’t want to waste my money this time around. My friend told me about this advent calendar and after looking into I just knew it was the one for me. There’s two versions of this calendar and I adore this idea!. This only cost me £25!. It was originally £70 then it went down to £35 and then a few days before December 1st it went down further!. I only waited to get this as I was unsure which Calendar I wanted and like always I left it until last minute, I was also very last minute and didn’t get a chocolate one until 2nd of December. I’m a last minute kinda gal haha.

It’s called ‘WE’ and it’s from boots. This calendar is charity based calendar and £2.00 of each sale goes to a charity that helps and supports women all around the world. I think this is a fantastic cause and there are some pretty cool brands involved in this including Liz Earle, Soap and Glory, and even No.7. WE in support of their women’s empowerment programmes in developing communities. These programmes partner with women to teach skills in financial literacy, business and leadership—helping women earn an income, build their savings and lead change in their communities. I adore there slogan: ‘Empowered women, Empower women’.  

Let’s get started!.


Door Number 1


Mark Hill’s shampoo for nourishing hair. Just what I need. I adore this range from Mark Hill as I use his hair oils and hair masks so seeing this product made my day!

Door Number 2


This lovely concealer brush from Masqd! A brand I’ve heard of but not tried so I’m looking forward to trying this out. I usually use a small blending sponge to blend in my concealer so I shall see how I get on with this!.

Door Number 3


Ahhhh the conditioner! Couldn’t bot receive this after getting the shampoo! Can’t wait to give these a whirl. Hopefully it helps with my hair and it’s in bad conditioner from dying it.

Door number 4


I have used this product before and whilst it’s not my fave scent in the world I do love how quickly it dries into my hands. I’ve currently got this in my hand bag so I am using it almost daily when I’m at work to help stop my hands from drying out in this god awful weather.

Door number 5


A lovely clean fresh scented bath fizzer! I have used this and whilst I liked the smell I wasn’t too keen on it. Maybe because I put it in my bath after I had finished running it but I just felt it took ages to dissolve and yeah wasn’t the best bath product I have tried but it was still a lovely bath!.

Door number 6


Ahhh I’ve wanted to try lip products from Soap and Glory for so long but I never know which colour to get. This one is perfect me as we all know I love my nude shades!. So pleased this was in my calendar!.

I’m loving this advent calendar so far and I’m loving using the products I have received. It’s definitely the highlight of my morning. I just love opening a door and not knowing what’s inside!

What advent calendar do you have this year? Are you loving it as well?

Thank you for reading xxx

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9 thoughts on “|WE Advent Calendar Days 1 – 6|

  1. I love this advent calendar because it has a variety of brands so you get a selection of items. I have the no.7 advent calendar last year and whilst I loved most of the products, there were some that I never ended up using because they were not my style or colour. xx


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