|Seasonal Bakes – Shortbread Biscuits|

Happy Thursday. Hope your all having a lovely week so far!. 5 more sleeps until Santa!. I can’t blooming wait for a break from work and enjoy lots of cheesy movies, food and a few gins!.

As you all know I love baking and I really don’t bake enough throughout the year ( something I’m adding my list of goals for 2019) but at Christmas time I just love it!. Filling the house with the scent of freshly baked cupcakes or shortbreads, there’s nothing better!


Today I decided to whack out my festive cookie cutters and bake some traditional butter shortbread biscuits. I decided to keep them traditional and not add in any extras such as vanilla extract or chocolate chip cookies, but because sometimes plain is best.

What I adore about homemade shortbread is that it’s quick and easy and it only has 3 ingredients which you always have in your house anyway. I also love that you can make them as chunky as you like and they don’t all have to be the same shape and size.


To make my biscuits I followed  a recipe from the BBC website and decorated them using cake pens that I picked up from Sainsbuys. There so simple and easy to use, I’ll definitely purchase them again.


I’m not gonna like my decorating skills are pretty pants but I’m pleased with how the turned out. They taste rather delicious especially nice with a lovely brew. They have turned out crunchy on the outside and crumbly on the inside – perfect biscuit in my opinion!

If you would like to bake your own then why not click the link here and bake away!. Literally takes 15-20 mins to bake and around 15 mins to prep!.

Have you made any festive treats? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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