|Advent Calendar Doors 15-24|

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!.

I know it’s January tomorrow and I’m still talking all things advent calendar related but here’s what was in the rest of the fabulous WE calendar from Boots.


Doors 15 & 16


Soap & Glory body butter and MASQD tweezers.

Doors 17 & 18


Soap & Gloy’s lip plumping product which I’ve yet to try and an intense volume mascara from NOo.7. I have been using this mascara since opening it and the wand is a FAT one which for me makes it harder to apply, however it does give good volume which I am loving it’s just shame about the wand size.

Doors 19 & 20


An eyelash curler which I’ve never used one in my life so maybe I shall try it out before I’m 30 which is only next year and Champneys Spa body wash in a beautiful citrus blush scent. I’m all out of this product and I have loved using it.

Doors 21 & 22


MASQD blending sponge and a Soap & Glory body spray. The blending sponge is quite hard to use and I’m not really a fan of the shape of it if I’m being honest, I prefer using the Real Techniques ones. The body spray is quite handy to have as I’ve been using it at work, not too keen on the smell of it but it’s ok.

Doors 23- 24


Jack Willis body lotion which smells so fresh and feels lovely on my skin and No.7’s eye cream. I love this eye cream I sampled it last year when I had the No.7 advent calendar so when I saw this behind the final door I was pleased.

Would I recommend this calendar? YES purely because it’s full of brands that I adore, product’s I love and most of all for the fact that I’ve used/am using each and every one of these products as opposed to chucking them out after forgetting about them or me not liking them. I’ve been so surprised with this calendar and if it’s available next year I daresay I’ll be purchasing it again!. Not bad for £35 and the contents being worth £85. Highly recommend this calendar and I also love the fact that money from each calendar sold goes towards a woman’s charity!

If there’s anything you’d love to see on my blog next year the please let me know 🙂 I’ve already for things planned for 2019 and I can’t blooming wait! ❤

Thank you for reading xxx

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