|Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019|

Happy New Year, golly gosh I can’t believe we’re into a new year already. Doesn’t seem like yesterday it was January 2018. What a crazy year it’s been.

In 2018 I felt like I didn’t really do much but when it came to looking back at photo’s and reflecting the things I’ve done this year, I actually did more than I thought. Here’s a little rewind on some of my fave memories of 2018!

I didn’t think I went to many gigs but upon finding my gig tickets (as I like to keep them) it turns out I did.


Started off by seeing Shreck the musical which to be honest I didn’t know what to expected but it was so funny!. Took my dad to see Sterophonics a band he’s wanted to see for years and it was a lovely experience seeing my dad having the best time singing along and cheering when the songs ended, he loved it!. Then it was off to see my childhood idol BRITNEY oh my days for all she was miming I had the best time, she put on such a fab show!. Next up was my burlesque queen Dita, which was so inspiring to watch as were the other burly dancers she brought on this tour. And finally I ended the year off seeing one of my fave bands on there 10th anniversary of their first album. A lot of tears were shed that night. So many fab memories from all of these shows!.


I visited a few of my fave city’s as well as National Trust places. Went up to Edinburgh twice, visited the Hard Rock cafe in Manchester and ate ice cream off a river boat in York!. I definitely plan on going on more little adventures this year. I just love it.


I’m a massive Friends fan so I finally got to go to Friends Fest and it was amazing, I had the best time!. I will admit I did get emotional seeing some of the actual probs that they used like Ross’s science boy comic book and the Gellar trophy.  I also met one of my fave fashion bloggers/youtuber Victoria McGrath from ‘In The Frow’ and she was a dream to talk to, so lovely and inspiring.  I went to my first Bongo’s Bingo in Newcastle which was literally one of the best nights out I’ve had, and I can’t wait to do it again later this month. I also became an official brand ambassador for House of Trixie Blue so I promote all things burlesque within the North East and I flipping it!.


Speaking of burlesque I got to do ALOT of it in 2018 and I will be continuing it into this year, and I can’t wait. My confidence in myself and in my body has grown a hell of a lot from when I first started lessons 4-5 years ago, highly recommend!


I also went on holiday abroad with my parents for the first time since I was 17. I flew solo to join them on there second week in Croatia and I had the best time!. Croatia is simply stunning and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to go!. Watching the sunsets was definitely one of my highlights well aside from getting to sit around on a giant unicorn in a villa!.

and finally…….


I went from having short blonde hair to long (ish) silver hair!. Whilst my hair became damaged from so many years of bleach my hair is finally starting to look better and I’m loving being silver <3.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds! I’m looking forward to this year although not so much the fact that I’ll be turning 30!!!! where has my 20’s gone haha.

What have been your 2018 highlights? Any plans for 2019?

Thank you for reading xxx

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6 thoughts on “|Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019|

  1. Happy New Year! I did not know you did burlesque dancing, I think that is so cool and such a good way of keeping fit. I tried pole dancing once and was surprised at how much upper body strength it required… probably not for me and my short arms! Would love to hear more about your dancing. xx

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    1. yeah I love doing burlesque and preforming it is just amazing, massive adrenaline rush haha. I may do a post on it at some this year seeing as I’ve been doing it for 5 years I think haha. Highly recommend!. Id not be able to pole I’m not very good at arm strength haha xx

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