|OOTD – Saltwell Park|

First week of January is nearly over and oh how quick it’s gone!. Hope you have all had a lovely first week of the year.

Teddy coat’s oh wear do I start. They are very much in fashion right now and I for one have always been on/off with them. I seem to look at them and think ‘oh it won’t suit me’, ‘ I’d not be able to get away with wearing that’ or ‘do I actually like them’, but I took a risk and purchased one!. It was a very spontaneous decision to get one and a one I most certainly do not regret!.


This is a long blush pink one from Marks and Spencer’s from the Holly Willboughby range. I adore Holly and I’m really loving some of the clothes she has in her range but this is the first piece I have purchased and it was such a risk for me.


I’m not usually one for colour especially not a pink colour but I’m totally and utterly in love with this coat!. I even love the shade of pink. Although it doesn’t fasten it pairs well with a big chunky jumper and of course the essentials for a winter’s stroll hat gloves and scarfs. The coat is just super cosy and soft. I just love it.


The scarf and bag are from Primark. The scarf just goes perfectly with the coat and I love that it’s a wide scarf as they are my preferred type of scarfs. The bag is small but ideal for when you literally only need a small purse, phone and a packet of tissues.

Are you a fan of teddy coats?

Thank you for reading xxx

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