|Morpeth – OOTD|

Happy Wednesday, hope your having a good week so far!.

I recently went on a little day trip up to Morpeth in Northumberland, just outside of Newcastle. I had the best time.  I drank 2 hot chocolates, ate some pancakes and found a lovely little park which in the spring/summer would be lovely!.

As the weather was a little cooler I like always opted for my teddy coat (can you tell it’s my fave coat) a think jumper jeans and boots.


I adore layering up and wearing thick knitted jumpers and whilst this one is a few years old it’s still one of my faves. It’s from topshop  and which I think if I remember rightly cost me about £42. It’s something worth buying a decent expensive jumper as I find they do last a while. I love the colour of this jumper and I love how warm it makes me feel. I often think about giving it to a charity shop as it is rather old but there’s just something about it that I literally can’t part ways with it. It’s like my go to jumper.


I actually liked this outfit, I feel like this time of year you can’t beat comfy knitwear and good old comfy pair of jeans. I some how have an array of jeans yet this pair like the jumper are my go to’s. I love a good ripped jean but these ones with just a little rip on the knees are perfect for stylish yet warm legs.

What is your go to item of clothing?

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|Morpeth – OOTD|

  1. I have recently invested in some jeans with Topshop and OMGOSH the difference that they make! I have always bought cheap £10-£20 jeans from Primark/New Look/Forever 21 and thought other people ridiculous for paying £40 for a pair of jeans BUT THEY ARE SO WORTH IT. Let us just hope that they last a while! xx

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    1. They will last you years.My topshop ripped ones I’ve had for around 2years now and there still going strong. I’ve never tried cheaper brands for jeans I always stick to topshop/river island as they last ages. xx


      1. I have a pair of ripped jeans from Miss Selfridge and I have had to sew them up twice now because they keep getting more and more ripped! xx


      2. Once I did genuinely put my foot through the hole because it had stretched so much and ripped it more so I guess that was my own fault! xx


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