|Penshaw Monument – OOTD|

Happy Tuesday!! โค

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I’m not really into pattern prints or colours. My wardrobe mainly consists of plain tops/jumpers and not so much colour (unless I’m going on holiday where most of my clothing is coloured and probably floral).

Animal print has NEVER been my thing I just don’t like it at the best of times however I recently purchased my first ever animal/leapard print AND not only that but it’s lilac. Totally out of my comfort zone but I looked at this shirt 3 times before I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. It’s from New Look and it’s linked here if any of you are interested. It costs only ยฃ14.99 and it’s so light and very easy to style!.

50815248_10156927386405350_5332775709909712896_n copy51135354_10156928963450350_7730064444075540480_n

I decided to style my shirt with my leather pants from River Island and my heeled boots which I picked up from New Look. I adore that this look can create a lovely day and evening look and the shirt can be worn with trousers, shorts and skirts. This outfit with the heels is probably the type of outfit I would wear out on an evening but for a more day time look I would probably pair the shirt with my light denim ripped jeans. I feel that this shirt is perfect for the spring and I adore that it has love sleeves!. I also decided to pop a belt on with it just to give the outfit a little more detail.


I absolutely love this look even though it’s really not me at all, I’m totally going to embrace it!


Braving the cold and walking up a very steep bank to get to the top of the monument in heels was totally worth it. I mean I had the whole monument to myself, which is extremely rare as it is always packed with people as it is a National Trust place as well.

Overall I love this whole outfit and I’m very pleased that I purchased this shirt! I love shirts and used to wear them all the time but I somehow fell out of love with them. After wearing this I can’t wait to purchase more shirts this year. 2019 the year of shirts haha.

Have you ever purchased anything you didn’t think you would suit and loved it?

Thank you for reading xxx

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9 thoughts on “|Penshaw Monument – OOTD|

  1. I have always stuck to loose-fitting clothing but the other day I picked up this bodycon dress which I thought would never suit me but it absolutely does. Definitely one to wear to the nightclub when I am not having pizza for dinner though! xx


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