|January Favourites|

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far.

This post is a little later than I had planned but I’ve recently had a bust schedule so here is my January faves!.

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Let’s get cracking, going to keep this short and sweet!.

51446541_10156948383280350_8286641671051935744_n copy

I bloody love this fragrance!!!!. I can’t get enough of it. I love it and everything but because it was expensive I don’t wear it that often. I feel like whilst I spray ALOT sometimes a little over the top others can’t smell it. Usually people compliment me on my perfume and with this no-one really notices haha. I do like it though it’s a mild floral scent and I actually love how simple the packaging is.

51879601_10156948383125350_8595599374690549760_n copy

I didn’t know misguided did make up until Christmas when it was out in boots and I got this in the big brands box that boots were doing. I’ve used it ever since and as you can probably see I have a fair few faves from it. I ADORE the shades! such warm autumn like colours, perfect really for any season. I love that this palette has shimmer and matte shades in it. I just adore using it, they apply really well and I highly recommend.

51584462_10156948383200350_5684105653925183488_n copy

I also got this skinny dip highlight palette in the big brand box as well and I adore the pink shade. It’s a great shade for work so I’ve mainly been using that one compared to the other shades, however I do love the look of the gold one!.

51344492_10156948383055350_212804200608825344_n copy

I picked this little gem from Feel unique and use it once as week. This small bottle cost me £9 BUT I do feel that it’s making a difference to my hair. I only use a little bit of this and comb it through my hair before drying. Really liking this product and will definitely be purchasing the larger bottle when I’ve ran out.

51785929_10156948382995350_4483056970592419840_n copy

I’m loving these chewable vitamins! I’ve been on these for 2 months now and I can see a massive difference in my hair. We all know my hair’s very thin and I’m not a fan of it so after doing some research I decided to get these gems and I’ve not looked back since!. I love that I can not only see a difference but I can feel it now as well, my hair is becoming stronger and is feeling thicker. I’ve also noticed my hair isn’t falling out much as well and I think it’s because of these vitamins!.

Highly recommend all of the products mentioned and I’m loving using all of them!.

What’s your current fave product?

Thank you for reading xxx

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9 thoughts on “|January Favourites|

  1. I remember seeing hair gummies being all over Instagram a few months ago but never thought to try them myself. I am very cautious when it comes to vitamins and drugs. Glad to hear they are working for you though. xx

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