|Backhouse Park – OOTD|

Happy Friday and also Happy 1st March!

Spring has started to make an appearance so much so I even bought a bunch of tulips for my kitchen table. I love spring and I can’t wait to have a spring clean on my week off from work very soon but before I get too excited about that here’s a very spring inspired outfit that I wore the other day. First time I left the house without my trusty Teddy coat and wore my leather jacket!. It felt like heaven not wearing a coat, I loved it.


I love that the sun had his hat on and I was able to take off my jacket (that and the fact I ended up carrying it all the way home). I also love the fact that my new bargain boots matched my floral top.  These beautiful brown boots are from New Look which I purchased for a whopping £10 down from £29.99!!!!.

I never usually find a good show bargain so when I seen these I couldn’t not get them. I mean they are perfect and might I just add very comfortable to wear. They zip up at the sides as well as being able to tie them which is perfect for me as I have small narrow feet so I need boots with laces haha. Brown isn’t a colour I normally go for as I always stick to black boots but I’m loving these!. I also adore a chunky heel rather than a stiletto style heel, I just find them easier to walk in and find that I fall over less haha. Super pleased with this fabulous bargain and would recommend anyone to have a look in their local New Look store to see what bargains you can find!.


This park was amazing when it came to there fabulous display of crocus’s. I mean just look at it! I was blown away. I must admit I found it very hard trying to not stand on any haha. Fingers crossed I didn’t.

Are you looking forward to Spring? I know I am, I can’t wait for warmer days!

Thank you for reading xxx

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