|February Favourites|

Happy Friday, Hope you’re all well.

Keeping this post very short and simple.



So here are my Feb faves!


I recently had a change around in terms of make up and I fell instantly back in love with this Urban Decay collaboration palette. I use it when I’m going on a night out or if I’m heading out for daytime drinks, OR if I’m just feeling extra fancy!. As you can tell I mainly use the bottom two shades one to contour with and one as a blusher. I sometimes use the highlight as well. I LOVE the size of this palette as it’s very handy to pop into my handbag. I simply adore it, and how it apply’s.


My current fave mascara. I can’t get enough of this so much so that this is a repurchased item. I love the volume it gives my lashes and as I don’t usually purchase No.7 stuff I can’t recommend this enough!. Very easy to apply and it’s also fairly easy to come off as well. I find with some mascaras I’m scrubbing my eyes for ages but this isn’t too bad. Perfect!


A hair oil I know I’ve mentioned before but I literally use this every single time I have washed and dried my hair. I also sometimes use it if my hair’s looking a bit dry on the ends this just gives it a little boost and makes my hair feel super super soft!. I’m obsessed with this Mark Hill range, strongly recommend.


I was very kindly gifted these two products along with more products from this fabulous brand I literally can’t get enough of them.

So the first product is the skin perfect primer. It has high UV protection and has an SPF of 30. This product smooths out fine lines, brightens the skin and primes and prep the skin for the perfect (literally) make up application. I’ve used this a few times now and I kid you not it’s the BEST primer I’ve used and I’ve used a fair few other the years. I put my make up on for work around 9am even did some eyeshadow blending as I was going out after work, came to take my make up off around 10pm and my eyeshadow was still perfect. It hadn’t moved all day and my make up looked like I’d just put it on. I was very impressed. I adore how it glides onto my skin and makes my skin feel soft.

Second product is the skin smoothing cream. This is a moisturiser that has intense hydrating technology in. I fell in love with this product the first time I used it. My skin the next day still felt very hydrated which is perfect for me as I sometimes suffer with skin hydration due to working in a shop with air con/heating on. This is a fabulous product and I highly recommend. To find out more about this brands AMAZING products click here to be taken straight there website.

What have you loved in February? 

Thank you for reading xxx

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  1. Interesting! I love reading about what products other’s have been enjoying, I will definitely follow for future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog as I post about beauty and skincare too! gravitybeauty.blog/
    and check my IG: @r.gravityblog

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