|Sing a long – The Greatest Showman|

Happy First Day of Spring!!! I’m hoping it bring back the beautiful sunshine as I should as hell miss it.

Most people know that I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of The Greatest Showman, I just think the whole film is spectacular and the songs are real feel good songs, that literally put me in the BEST kind of moods, no matter what time of day/night it is.

I seen a while ago that the theatre where I live which is Sunderland Empire was doing a one night only sing a long version of The Greatest Showman and I just knew I had to go!

I went along with one of my friends who is also a massive fan not knowing what to expect as I’ve never been to a sing a long type show before and I was blown away. When we arrived at the theatre we got given a little prop bag which included: a party popper, a balloon, a ticket, a candle glow stick and a hand clapper. Once everyone was in there seats and it was about to start a woman embraced the stage to warm up the audience and told us at what point in the show to use the things in our prop bag. She also came back on the stage half way through the show just after the interval as well and she really knew how to work a crowd that was full of adults and children.


I adored the atmosphere from the moment the film began right the way through till the end. Everyone joined in singing along and it was fabulous to see everyone having a bloody good time!. People got up from there seats to dance and sing to the songs which was lovely to see especially with the glow sticks.


Due to me being super excited I forgot to take any photo’s expect these two that appeared on my Instagram story haha.

I had the best evening singing my little heart and seeing everyone join in and have lots of fun. This film will always be one of my all time faves and if you ever get the chance to go to a sing a long then DO IT, you’ll have the best time. I was unsure if I’d like it at first as I’ve never been to one before but after the first opening song I was sold!. I love that there’s no age limit and everyone’s there doing there own thing. Amazing atmosphere, amazing night. It’s made me want to visit the Sunderland Empire more as I’m just fascinated with theatre shows and my local empire building is just beautiful to look it especially at night when it’s all lit up!.

Have you been to a sing a long before? What’s you fave show to see?

Thank you for reading xxx

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5 thoughts on “|Sing a long – The Greatest Showman|

  1. Oh My God, this exists???!!! I would’ve totally gone if it existed in Belgium! I have the CD on repeat in my car. I Loooooove these songs. “This is Me” of course is my anthem! But nothing beats “Never Enough!!”. Thx for sharing! xoxo Sarah


  2. I have never been to a sing-a-long before but I went to a theatre showing of Mamma Mia 2 and these two girls sat next to my boyfriend and I basically sat through the entire movie singing along… oops!
    Still have not seen The Greatest Showman. I give up saying I will watch it because I never seem to get around to it. Maybe next year!? xx


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