|Skinny Tan – Protect and Glow Range|

Happy Wednesday, hope you’re all having a lovely week so far!

I was recently gifted 4 fabulous products from Skinny Tan to try out and review and boy was I excited, who doesn’t want to look naturally tanned this time of year when the sun is hit and miss.


I was very excited to receive these and couldn’t wait to give them a try.


This is there body glow range and I’m now very much obsessed with it after using them for a few weeks. I have used the top 2 products along with the dual tanning mit and couldn’t be happier with them. I haven’t used the aftersun product which I know will be amazing especially as it has aloe vera in it as well, but I feel that that type of product needs to be saved for when I got abroad later this year.

The top two products are the same only one is a lotion form and the other is a milk formula spray. Here’s some information on the products taken from the skinny tan website.

  • High UVA protection with the 5 Star Rating
  • Built in low level Gradual Tanner so you can tan as you block sun damage
  • Water Resistant and long lasting – apply every 4 hrs to stay protected and build a light glow gradually
  • Enriched with naturally derived coconut oil & Vitamin E
  • Easy to apply – no mitt – simply rinse palms gently (in the sea or pool) after each application.
  • Dermatologically tested. Paraben Free

These products come in both a factor 30 and 50! which I think is great if like me you are fair skinned. I used both the milk formula and the lotion formula and could see a difference in colour after 1 use. However I did prefer the lotion over the spray as I found that the spray went literally everywhere even when I sprayed it onto the tanning mit. The lotion also has a coconut smell to it compared to the spray which is another reason I preferred it. I also feel that the lotion applied better and it was easy to manage compared to the spray.  It’s a really good gradual tanner.


I love the natural looking glow it gave to my skin and I can definitely see myself  using this product more often than I normally use tanning products. I’m rubbish at tanning so it did go a little blotchy around my knees and toes but aside from that I am very impressed with how it turned out, and I would definitely recommend skinny tan products to anyone. As I used this a few weeks ago after a few washes my skin is back to being pale so it does wash off easily.

Another fab range from this brand if you haven’t already tried out this or any other range then what are you waiting for!. Have a look on there website by clicking here or have a look in your local Superdrug store.

Have you tried Skinny tan products? or any other tanning products?

Thank you for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “|Skinny Tan – Protect and Glow Range|

  1. I am always so hesitant self-tanning as I am afraid it will turn out really badly and especially because I am naturally so pale, it will stand out even more. However, the best advice someone ever gave me was to rub moisturizing lotion over the top to get a flawless look and it seems to be working so far on the rare occasions I do self-tan. xx


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