|March Favourites|

Happy first of April, a month I’m so excited for! This month I’m off to London to see Magic Mike and if that wasn’t enough I’ve also booked to climb the o2 arena!. But enough about April for now here’s a few things that I loved in March 🙂


Like always it’s a mixture of skincare, beauty and lifestyle!. Let’s dive in.


I mentioned this amazing brand in last month’s fave as well so you can tell that I’m obsessed and am very much in love. I was kindly gifted there top 5 number one product and I’ve fallen in love with all 5 quite literally!. This is there daily microfoliant which is a daily facial exfoliator product. This product is designed to help give you a brighter and smoother skin complexion that can be used every day as it’s extremely gentle on this skin. What’s different about this product is that it’s a powder, yes that’s right a powder product!. It’s made from rice that actives when it comes into contact with water that helps polish the skin. The bottle says to use half a teaspoon of the powder but I just pop a small amount into my wet hands and rub together to create a paste before rubbing it onto my skin. This is currently my skin saviour as my skin is do dry especially around my nose area so I’ve been using this daily to get rid of the dryness and boy it is working miracles.


As well as exfoliating my face I’ve also been using this as well as a body scrub from The Body Shop at least twice week. I’ve mainly been focusing on my dry areas around my knees and my feet as well as my chest and it’s really making my skin glow. I love the scent of this scrub as well, very fitting as we come into the spring months. I love how well it lathers up and it’s so rough on my skin.


I recently got this protect and glow range gifted from Skinny Tan and I’ve been loving this. It’s a gradual tanner that also protects your skin from the sun. To see my results and more about this range them check out my blog post on it, by clicking here


Profusion cosmetics mixed metals palette in nude shades is perfect for an evening even though I’ve occasionally worn this palette for work. I love that this palette has a mixture of matte and metallic shades. The pigment is good on it as well and they last all day which is perfect. As you can see you can tell which shades I use the most haha. I usually use ‘hope’ as a all over base colour and add in either ‘ optimist’ or ‘mic drop’. I’m yet to use the bottom three shades as I feel that they are a little dark for my skin complexion.


I love a good candle on an evening and I’ve been burning this one in between a few of my yankee candle ones, and it’s just simply amazing!. It’s from Zoella’s lifestyle Christmas range with boots and it really does smell like a hot chocolate!. I love the smell both during and after I’ve blown it out, it’s so strong. I will admit though it does have me craving chocolate all the time! Good job I’m almost out of it haha,

What have you been loving in March? Have you tried any of the above products?

Thank you for reading xxx

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