|Alnwick Gardens -OOTD|

Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

On Saturday I took a little trip up to Alnwick Gardens as I hadn’t been in such a long time and it was so lovely. The weather could of been a little better but hey it is still April. The sun was in and out but the wind was certainly spoiling it haha.

I loved exploring the gardens and most importantly I finally got to see the the cherry orchard which is one of the largest in the world of the ‘Tai-haku’ kind outside of Japan. The orchard when in full bloom only last’s apron 2 weeks and tends to bloom in full between the end of April/early May. It’s definitely worth the visit. You can catch daily live camera action from the Alnwick garden website which is linked here if you’d like to see it in action. So pleased I seen it as I missed it last year so this was on my list of things I want to see here in the North East this year so that’s now been ticked off my list.


My photo’s don’t do it justice, it’s simply so pretty to see.


As the weather was a little warmer I decided to ditch my coat and make the transformation from my winter coat to my leather jacket. I’ve had this jacket for a few years now and it’s still in good condition. I paired it with slightly ripped dark blue jeans, a mustard high necked jumper ( to add in a little colour) and my Disney white trainer type shoes as like my coat I’m blooming sick of wearing my boots now. Anyone else feel like that now or is it just me? haha

After wandering around the gardens we took a little trip to Alnwick castle with is situated just outside of the gardens. We only paid admission into the gardens and not the castle so we just went into the ground rather than into the actual castle.


A sea of daffodils, how cute!. I love this castle as I have a thing for them (sure I’m meant to be a princess) but more importantly this castle is featured in the Harry Potter films (I’m a HUGE fan) so it holds a special place in my heart.

I had a lovely time exploring these beautiful gardens highly recommend visiting and I also have no idea why my hand is constantly up by my face in these photo’s haha. If you’d like to see more photo’s why not follow my travel Instagram account http://www.instagram.com/xamylouisetravelsx

What did you get up to this weekend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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