|Up At The o2 Arena|

Happy Saturday, gosh it feels weird posting on a Saturday but ahhhh I just had to get this post up!.

For a few years now I’ve REALLY wanted to climb the o2 arena in London, and guess what I only went a bloody did it!. I surprised myself and my family by actually going through with it as everyone thought I would back out, as I’m not the best when it comes to heights and this to me was a pretty big achievement!.

I booked it online via the website and it cost £30 for a 90mintue experience. There a three different climbs you can do, one is the one I did which was just a normal climb and the other two types are a sun set and twilight climb. They all last the same amount of time and it’s an amazing experience.


The o2 arena is situated in Greenwich on the thames and from that 52 metre height you get a full 360 degree view of London. You can even see the Olympic park from up there!.

Before you get to actually climb up you naturally have to watch a safety video and meet your guide to tells you all about the venue, how to put on your safety harness and what to expect when climbing. Our guide was called Ross and he was super lovely and very friendly. Instantly put me at easy.


We were very lucky that we had good weather on our climb and I tell you what it’s a blooming sun trap up there, I was sweating in my leather jacket haha.


I had the BEST time doing this and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. For me it’s something I’m not likely to do again therefore making it an adventure of a lifetime. I love that I’ve seen a part of London that I’ve never visited before from a different angle and whilst I was very nervous about doing it, I’m so proud of myself. The climb wasn’t as bad was I thought it was going to be and I had the time of my life.

I also made a very short little 2 min vlog of this adventure if you fancy giving that a whirl too. That would be AMAZEBALLS ❤


Have you climbed the o2 before? Or done anything similar? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading xx

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11 thoughts on “|Up At The o2 Arena|

  1. We did this as the twilight session and it was amazing! Getting to view the sun setting over the whole of London was just amazing. It’s surprising just how much you can see from up there too.


  2. I have wanted to do this for so lonnnng since living in London – and I hope to do it this summer! It looks so incredible – I have heard only wonderful things about this experience and your pictures are fab!


  3. I climbed the O2 arena in July last year and honestly, I was a bit disappointed as it was not as exciting as I thought it was going to be. The view from the top was incredible but the climb itself was a bit boring as it was a stable surface the entire trip up and down and you were harnessed in the entire time. I guess I am too much of an adrenaline junkie!!! xx

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