|Club Tropicana Musical Review|

Happy Tuesday, hope you’re all doing well.

I’m a huge huge fan of 80’s music and I feel that despite being born in the late 80’s I sometimes feel I should of been born earlier. I just adore the music, adore the lyrics and adore how happy the music makes me feel. I was very kindly asked to review Club Tropicana at Sunderland Empire and boy was I excited!

About Club Tropicana 

For 5 nights only (20th May – 25th May) get your 80’s groove on!. This musical  which is written by Michael Gyngell is set at the Club Tropicana Hotel, which some would say is like the 80’s version of Love Island.  A proper feel good musical that will get you up dancing and singing along in your seats!

This musical is set around a couple who is due to get married and having second thoughts and they both deiced to have some away time to collect their thought BUT what they don’t know is that they have both checked in to the same hotel!. This musical plays out to songs of the 80’s from Frankie says relax to Girls just want to have fun.

Club Tropicana stars North East star Joe McElderry ,Neil McDermott, Kate Robbins Emily Tierney former Sugababe star Amelle Berrabah 4xlqGdqdHag8OQ0_K3gVh81e

I mean can we just take a moment to appreciate there outfits! I’m in love. ❤


My thoughts

Wow what a fabulous evening! This musical is just what you need if you’ve had a rubbish day or just want to see something that will lift your sprites. I adored everything about this show from the music to the stage settings to the casting just everything. It was so lovely to see Joe back in the North East he put his heart and sole into it as did the rest of the cast. They looked like this had so much fun just like what we did in the audience. The storyline of the musical was light hearted and had some very funny humour in it. It really got me in the party mood and especially in the holiday mood with the mention of cocktails haha. Highly recommend this show it’s a must see in my opinion. If you aren’t from the North east but would love to see this fabulous throwback to the 80’s then search Club Tropicana to see if it’s coming to a theatre near you!

Do you love 80’s music? What’s your fave song? mine has to be girls just want to have fun or anything by Cher and Tina Turner haha

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “|Club Tropicana Musical Review|

  1. I cannot believe you were born in the 80s – you look so young for your age! (I mean that in a kind way). For an 80s musical lover like yourself, this musical sounds like the perfect evening. xx


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