|May Favourites|

Happy Friday, the last day in May! Tomorrow is officially 1st day of Summer and boy am I hoping the sun has it’s hat on!

I’ve been a little quite over on my blog life has just been super hectic at the moment but I thought I’d share a few things I’ve loved throughout May!.


Like most month’s it consists of hair care. make up and of course skincare!. Who does’ve love looking after there skin.


As you know I have silver hair and in-between using silver shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using this Elvive colour protect and boy it’s kept my colour really well!. I sometimes use this instead of conditioner as it’s basically the same thing. After shampooing my hair I’ve wacked this on starting from my roots going right down to the tips of the hair. It says to leave on for 60 seconds but depending on what I’m doing in the bath (shaving legs, having a face mask) I leave it on longer. This product helps lock in the colour and leaves it feeling super super soft and I just love it!. I will definitely be re- purchasing that’s for sure. It also smells AMAZING!


I”ve been using this a lot this month especially as I’m going away in July I’m trying to get my skin in good shape aka no dry/rough bits of skin especially around my knees and  feet. This body milk is amazing as it’s a deep moisturising product. I use this on an evening at least 3 times a week and I can see so much difference in my skin. My feet aren’t great at the moment and have a it of dry skin on the sole near my toes so this product has really helped them become less dry. I love it. However I’m not too keen on the scent of it but aside from that :).


I adore this brand, I use there foundation and have done for quite some time now so I decided to give one of there mascaras a whirl too see what it’s like. I picked up the Definition one that’s meant to divide the lashes and it does work!. It cost £6 and for the price I am impressed. I tend to get benefit mascara as they work wonders for my lashes but this one is great. Whilst I love how it makes my lashes look it is a pain in a ass to get off, well for me anyway. I feel like I sometimes over scrub to get it all off even when I use eye make up remover. It’s a great affordable brand cyo if you have’t tried it out already, you can pick it up in boots instore and online.


I adore NYX lip products most of my lip products I have are from this brand and when I saw this in my local Superdrug store I just had to try it out!.


It’s from there glitter goals range and honestly it’s amazing. I love a red lip on a night out or a casual daytime bold lip so it thought why not add a bit of glitter, summer is coming after all. This is in the shade ‘cherry quartz’ and it’s a red with a hint of pink. I love it, I prefer liquid lips to a lipstick so this is perfect for me. Not going to lie when I first applied it I was a little disappointed as I expected to see the glitter straight away but it comes out once the liquid has dried. It’s such a good formula I didn’t need to top it up, feels lovely when applying and the colour really suits my pale skin tone. Highly recommend checking out there glitter lips range, I’ll definitely by buying more for holiday!.


Finally started reading another twisted tale book. I have all of them and got put off by the last one I read as I wasn’t impressed but I thought I’d give it another go and see if I like a different one and guess what I do!. I don’t know if it’s coz the new film is out or what but I’m really enjoying this book based on Aladdin. I’m so hooked I’m almost finished it!.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

What have been your May faves?

Thank you for reading xxx

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