|Getting My Skin Holiday Ready|

Happy Wednesday!!!  Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far.

It’s currently only three weeks today until I’m on holiday in sunny Bulgaria and for the past few weeks I’ve been getting my skin somewhat holiday ready. I thought I’d share with you some of my holiday prep products/ routine. Most of the products you will of already seen if you read my favourite posts but I’m addicted to them!.

Let’s get started!


First up in my routine is facial products.


I’ve been using these two products for such a long time now that I’m almost running out of them!. My skin is in so much better condition from using this fabulous dermologica range. The cleansing gel I go in with twice as it’s recommend you do that in order to get a full cleanse and wow it makes such a difference!. The microfoliant is a facial exfoliator that is so gentle you can actually use this daily. My nose area is the worse for dry skin and feeling bobbly underneath so this helps a lot to get rid of that and also it makes my skin feel super super soft and gives it a natural glowy look!. After I’ve used these two products I’ve been using a spray water based toner from Lush that really helps to hydrate to my skin. I sometimes prefer using a spray toner as opposed to a toner that requires the use of a cotton pad sometimes for quickness to be honest as sometimes I’m in a rush.

Next up is body exfoliation and moisturising the skin.


As you know I adore both these products. Once a week I’ve been using the body shop exfoliator scrub all over my body to get rid of all the unwanted dry skin. I hate being able to feel my skin flaking away when I’m moisturising so I have been using this product a lot recently . No-one wants to go on holiday with dry skin on any part of there body.  In order to really hydrate my skin  I’ve been using soap and glory deep moisture body milk and it’s such a game changer for me!. It locks in the moisture for well over 24hours and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I tend to use this on an evening before I go to bed that way I don’y have to put too many layers of clothing on and the product can really sink into my skin and works it’s magic!. As well as using these two products I’ve been drinking a lot more water to really get my skin hydrated and holiday ready.

And finally hands and nail care!


This year I really fancied booking in to get my nails done (no idea why it’s so unlike me but hey) so in order for my nails to look somewhat decent I’ve been using this stop and grow product that tastes RANK as it’s designed to get you to stop biting your nails. I don’t necessarily bite my nails its more so for me biting around my nails (again no idea why and yes I know that sounds totally disgusting). Because this product doesn’t taste nice it’s really helped me not to bite and because of the previous biting the skin around my nails doesn’t look appealing so I’ve been using my trusty hand cream from you guessed it the body shop. I have loads of these little tubes as there a handy size to pop into most handbags and I literally have one in every bag!. My hands have been vastly improving and I now can’t wait to get my nails done!. I just need to remember NOT to bite!

So there are a few things that I’ve been doing in order to get my skin holiday ready.

Do you have a holiday ready routine? I’d love to know in the comments

Thank you for reading xxx

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ps The photo’s in this post looked so much better on my phone.

9 thoughts on “|Getting My Skin Holiday Ready|

  1. I love the idea of prepping your skin before a holiday as normally one would prep before a major event like prom but prepping your skin before going on holiday, when you cannot take half your make-up bag with you, is such a good idea! Where are you off to this summer? xx


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