|June Favourites|

Happy Monday , hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

This post is just short one and doesn’t involve a lot of products purely and simply because all of the stuff I have been purchasing recently has been saved for my holidays, NEXT WEEK! eeekk. So here are a few things I’ve loved in June.


First up, my go to highlight palette by Skinny Dip London!


I have mentioned this a few months back but I’m still obsessed with it. I use it daily as I like to wear the pink shade for work as it’s very subtle yet build able if you want more of a strong highlight. Out of the four shades the only one I’ve not used is the top right, as it’s very white and that not really what I like. If I’m going out out I tend to use the top left or the bottom right, they are just perfect. Highly recommend!.


After reading ALOT of reviews I picked up this Charles Worthington thicker and fuller shampoo and boy does it work! Despite taking vitamins for my hair and having short hair I’ve recently noticed it getting little thinner as it’s growing so I thought I’d try out this shampoo and within the first 2 uses’s I was VERY impressed! This shampoo is designed to reduce hair breakage and is enriched with beads that helps the scalp so that it can improve the thickness of the hair. It also smells incredible! So far I’m very pleased with the results and I feel loads better about my hair. I also love that it’s safe for coloured hair as it’s paraben free.


I was very kindly gifted these lovely lashes from welove lashes and I’m obsessed with them. I’ve never tried Eylure lashes before as I usually use KISS lashes so when I got these I was super excited to give them a whirl. I love how light they feel on my natural lashes and these volumising ones are just perfect for me, as I love adding volume especially if I’m going on a night out. I love that Eylure lashes are reusable, I’ve used this set 4 times now and each time they go on like they did when I first took them out the box!. Highly recommend if you’ve not tried this brand of lashes I will definitely be purchasing from this brand! Thank you we love lashes for sending me these to try out ❤ Why bot visit there website to see more of what the sell by visiting www.falseeyelashes.co.uk


What’s your current fave product?

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|June Favourites|

  1. Oh I do love a monthly favourites post! 😍 I’m such a huge fan of Eylure lashes too, they’re so easy to apply and look perfect throughout the whole time you’re wearing them. I’m definitely going to try that Charles Worthington shampoo out too, I’ve never actually heard of it!

    – Gillian x

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  2. Oh I love reading your monthly faves! I am always in need of new products to add to my collection and the skinny dip highlighter sounds amazing!!! I think I would be a bit scared of using the pink/gold shade, I need to be braver with my makeup haha! Fab post xxx


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