|Riple Castle – OOTD|

Happy Monday hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend!.

The sun made an appearance this weekend for me and it got me super excited for my holiday on Wednesday. Follow my Instagram to see what I get up to over on www.instagram.com/xamylouise89x

I recently took another trip down to Ripley castle just outside of Ripon and once again it did not disappoint. I love the fact that it’s only £5 entry and there’s lots of different walks and walled gardens to explore. If you don’t fancy paying a fiver you can infect go on walks around the castle which is just as nice, and an option that was popular with people.  I also love seeing the different changes and the different types of flowers that change seasonally, the different colours are just beautiful.


As you can see I yet again wore a simple outfit but I bloody love erm!. A plain denim skirt and my new dirty dancing tee. I’m obsessed with buying tee’s this year my collection is very much growing!. I’m not really a skirt kind of person so I’m still out of my comfort zone wearing this type of outfit but I love it.


I’m also still very much in love with my little backpack and it comes most places with me these days. Very worth the £30 I paid from Urban Outfitters.

After wandering around the gardens and into the deer park where we saw a baby deer we naturally popped into the little village to try some of the ‘worlds best ice cream’


The qui was none stopped and was always extremely busy but I finally got my ice cream! I went for the soft scoop mixed vanilla and bubblegum and boy did it taste good!. I could happily eat this daily not going to lie.I had the best day once again.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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