|Holiday Blues – Bulgaria|

Happy Wednesday, hope you are having a lovely week so far! I for one am very much looking forward to the weekend, last bank holiday of the year. I can’t wait.

As you know I recently went on holiday to Bulgaria, a one where I wasn’t particularly looking forward to for no reason at all, but boy was I excited to just get away and relax. We stayed in sunny beach which was lovely our hotel was on the beach, perfect for me AND to top it off we even had a side view of the sea!. I adore being by the beach when on holiday and having a room over looking the sea for me is just perfect.


We stayed there for two weeks and to be honest all we did was lie around and sunbath!. Sometimes they are the best kind of holidays ones where you can really relax however it was very different to our usual holiday style. As much as we love to lie around chilling we also like to be out exploring in between our lazy days. Sunny beach is great if all you want is a beach but there’s not much nearby to explore. We only went on two excursions in the whole two weeks. Most trips on offer were far away and we didn’t fancy sitting on a bus for 4 hours there 4 hours back.

We did however visit Nessebar old town which was extremely recommend and Sozopol which again is a little old town south of Burgas. Both places were beautiful and I adored wandering around.


Whilst we were in Nessebar we found this really cool cave bar called ECO-bar by Michael and it’s so cool. The drinks in there are lovely as well and very reasonably prices as well compared to some other bars we went too. Highly recommend visiting if you get the chance too.


Sozopol was lovely too I mean just look at those cobbled streets and wooden buildings! What’s not to love.

Overall I had a lovely time however I did find it a little expensive but the conversion into English money was actually cheaper than other places I’ve been too. I had a lovely time chilling by the pool or by the beach eating ice cream and drinking endless cocktails. I even found a beach bar that did my all time face cocktail – A pornstar martini!


I have also uploaded a little travel video on my youtube channel if any of you lovely lot fancies giving it a watching I shall leave the link here let me know if you watch it by commenting on it that your from here ❤

Where is your go to place to take a vacation too? Mine would have to be somewhere in Greece but I think that’s because Greece is my comfort zone.

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “|Holiday Blues – Bulgaria|

  1. Bulgaria got such a bad rep over the years but this summer I am seeing more and more bloggers exploring Bulgaria for what it is and it looks super lovely ♥ I think I need to add it to my list. Great post x


  2. It looks absolutely beautiful! I have never been before but I would love to visit at some point.
    I am heading to Athens shortly. Do you have any recommendations of things I should do? xx


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