|August Favourites|

Happy Saturday , hope you’re all ready to have a lovely weekend, I know I am!.

I’ve missed quite a few monthly faves recently and there posts that I love reading myself so I thought this month I would share a few of my fave products.

69270724_10157462672745350_2732215605372387328_nLike all of my monthly faves it includes hair care and of course a little bit of make up!



I have tried ALOT of purple shampoo’s since having silver hair and when I saw this one of the shelf and having read reviews I was sold!. I love L’Oreal Elvive shampoos and conditioners anyway so I was very keen to give this one a whirl. The recommended leave on time is 1 to 2 minutes depending on the colour of your hair. I’ve had issues in the past where I would leave it on longer, and I ended up with purple/blue strands of hair which does not look good at all, so with this I have been leaving it on for literally 1 minute no longer. With any brand of purple or coloured shampoo’s you need to REALLY rinse well a lesson I’ve learnt a lot haha. I find that this shampoo works best for me and it really brings out the silver. I use this once a week as it’s not recommended to use every wash like with most purple shampoos. I really like this shampoo and plus it smells great!


I was wondering around Superdrug looking at hair products and came across this brand/product. I’ve never heard of it before but I thought it looked different AND there was only 2 left on the shelf so I thought this must be a good product and boy I was not wrong!. This brand has 3 different leave in sprays as well as packets of hair masks. I opted for this one ‘Repairing’ just because my hair is coloured and sometimes needs a little TLC. As you can see it has 10 amazing benefits which from using this for nearly 2 weeks I can see a huge difference. It’s recommended to spray generously and comb through so that the product and really work it’s magic. You can use this product on dry or wet hair but I’ve been using it when my hair is wet and it’s worked for me. This makes my hair very soft and extremely shiny! I’ve never seen my hair look so shiny in ages so this is a massive bonus for me. Highly recommend giving this a try it’s a product I will be repurchasing.  Here’s the link to this product if you fancy checking it out 


I’m very much lash obsessed at the moment and I was kindly gifted these to try out and they are amazing!. I love Kiss lashes they are my go to and this new Naked Drama collection set it just perfect for day and night time occasions. I have worn them a few times and I love the compliments I get on them from my friends. They look really nice on and they go on with ease. I LOVE them!


I adore NYX products and I picked this up for my holiday’s as I didn’t want a full coverage foundation just something with a little coverage for the evenings. This product was perfect for that. I LOVE that you can build up the product to create a more of a covered look if you want to. I did this a few times and it sat really well on my skin and didn’t melt off.  This is there tinted skin veil range in the shade ‘ vanilla nude’ a little darker for me but I knew my face would tan on holiday so needed something a little darker. This product is perfect and it gives such a nice glow to the skin as well. It’s also super soft and easy to blend as well. Highly recommend!.


I love Skinny tan products and was kindly sent out some face products to try and this is by far my fave! It not only smells incredible but it looks so lovely on my skin. Very glowy and easy to blend. I’ve used it both underneath my make up and on top and both results have been lovely. It’s very lightweight in formula and is just perfect for a day time look. I’ve been using it for work daily so I’m almost out haha.


And finally my new mug! I love a new mug and because I have so many Disney one’s I rarely get a new one. I picked this up at Oliver Bonas in York and I just love it!. It’s the perfect size for a good cup of tea! I do love a good brew.

What have been your fave products you have loved in August?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|August Favourites|

  1. Definitely looking into both those hair products! I’ve got blonde hair but I’m always looking for ways to keep its colour as it fades now that I’m not in the sun every day. The other product also looks great because I have really knotty hair!! Thanks for a great post 😊


    1. I highly recommend both. Yeah I can imagine it fading with the sun I hate how the sun bleaches the colour 😦 let me know if you purchase them and what you think of them. thank you for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want to dip-dye my hair a silverly blonde so will definitely be checking out the purple shampoo. I used to use another L’Oreal one (I think) but finished it all up last summer so am in need of a new one. xx


    1. I really like L’Oreal products even there make up however I’m sometimes off put with he make up prices, highly recommend this shampoo though I can see a difference using it however I MIGHT be changing hair colour soon depends how brave I feel haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

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