|Early Autumn – OOTD|

Happy Wednesday, hope you’re all well! What a weeks it’s been I’ve turned 30, I’ve been on 3 days trips (Leeds, Newcastle and Durham) and I also managed to get Greenday tickets for next year!.  Hope you’re all have a lush week so far!.

As we are now OFFICIALLY into my all time favourite season Autumn, it was time to purchase a new coat (I actually picked up two new ones!) and get out searching for signs of Autumn!.

I headed to Durham to explore the riverbanks, eat some lush food and go shopping. The day was lovely and the weather was on our side, the sun came out! well in small intervals but nevertheless it was there and it was so pleasant.


I picked this coat up last week from New Look for £35.99! what a bargain. It comes in a variety different colours as well and is super comfy to wear. As it was a pleasant day weather wise I wore a t-shirt underneath which is also from New Look. I love that this coat is diverse and can be worn causally for daytime which is obviously the look I went for but can also be used on an evening with a nice pair of heeled boots and a dressy shirt underneath.  I love that it has deep pockets and of course the double button detail of this coat and for the price I’m just in awe! I shall leave the link here is anyone wants to grab it for themselves or to just browse on there website! The have some really nice Autumnal  pieces in.


I also adore this mustard coloured slogan tee that reads ‘Being kind is free’ manners cost nothing and it irritates me when people don’t have any simple manners such as please and thank you! It’s not hard to say. I love the colour mustard and it’s definitely my go to Autumn colour!.


Autumn will always have a special place in my heart, as much as I love the summer months there’s just something about Autumn that really grabs me! I can’t wait for it to be in full swing!

What is your fave season and why? 

Thank you for reading xxx

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10 thoughts on “|Early Autumn – OOTD|

  1. When I lived up in Durham I used to love walking by the river at this time of year – and picking up the biggest conkers I could find! Durham is just a lovely city and really suits the colours autumn casts onto it < if that makes any sense! I love summer best of all but autumn is a close second!


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