|September Favourites|

Happy Saturday! Hope you all have some lush weekend plans!

September was a busy month for me and I did actually treat myself and pick up some purchases and that very much been used daily as part of my self care routine/ winter skin ready routine!. Here’s some of the the products  I have been loving in September!


September’s faves have involved a lot more skincare as opposed to make up as if I’m honest I don’t really purchase much anymore and the things I do buy are usually re-purchases.


I used to adore Simple products when I was younger and did not know they did a shower range (I know where have I been!),so I thought I would give it a try. I love that it’s for sensitive skin and that it contains aloe vera. It lather’s up really well and I quite like the way it feels on my skin. This soothing range is made from gentle ingredients that help to cleanse and revitalise. It also has artificial colour or perfumes. Perfect for me and my skin can sometimes be more sensitive with the change in seasons.


I was kindly gifted these eco friendly bamboo cotton make up remover pads that are reusable. I’m very into saving the planet at the moment and I am forever trying to do my bit. These feels so soft to touch and are gentle on my skin when taking my make up off. I have also noticed that they pads help remove stubborn mascara without having to scrub my lashes which for me is a winner! To wash the pads all you do is put them in this little bag provided, put them on a low heated wash and leave to dry naturally. It’s so simple! You can purchases these on Amazon and I have to admit I am loving them!


Timebomb over- exposed sun damage rescue is all I have been using as a moisturiser. I picked this up in the autumn edit of the Latest in beauty and I couldn’t be happier with it.  To see more details on this product and to see what other AMAZING products I got then be sure to check out the blog post >> |Lastest In Beauty – Autumn 2019|


Kiss products are my fave kind of products. I’m love with these lashes and there nails are just to die for!. I was very kindly gifted these nails along with another set that I wore a few weeks back and omg they got so many compliments!. I can’t wait to try these gel fantasy ones out, I mean just look them 3D diamond effect ones! Teal blue is one of my fave shades of blue so these nails are perfect.


I finally picked this vitamin C Glow- Revealing liquid peel up from the body shop after hearing great things about there peels and boy they weren’t wrong!. The body shop do 2 liquid peels this vitamin C one and a drops of youth one. They are both similar in terms of ingredients however the smell of this product for me was a game changer. It’s a fresh fruit scent and I love it. To use there peels you just apply 1/2 pumps of the product onto clean cleansed skin, gently rub the liquid around until it starts to form beads which is just your dead skin cells and rinse off!. It really does work I can see a huge difference in my skin and could from just one use. My skin went from looking drab to very glowy and extremely soft. You can use this product 2/3 times a week as the ingredients aren’t harsh to your skin but I only use it 1/2 times a week. I love it, and am so pleased I finally purchased it!

What have you been loving in September? Have you tried any of these products?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|September Favourites|

  1. I have just finished the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and was shopping around for an alternative (I love the Body Shop but it can get expensive) and found that Superdrug do their own cheaper line. They have a cleanser with a muselin cloth which you wash with your clothes (similar to the reuseable cotton wool pads) and an overnight gel moisturiser that I am loving at the moment. Would highly recommend both. xx


    1. I’m loving the results from the liquid peel so I am deffs gonna look into more from that range. Ooo don’t think I’ve tried that face mask I’ve got the rose one and I like that 🙂


  2. I so so need to improve my skin care routine, I have seriously been neglecting my skin and just gravitating towards a makeup wipe instead of cleansers, so THANK YOU! Can we talk about how freaking good you’re photography always is?! Love it, the vitamin c peel sounds fab too! xxx


    1. Im the same I use stuff for a while get into a routine then 1 time I’ll be lazy and not do it and it continues lol. Highly recommend the liquid peel I can see SOOO much of a difference! And aww thank you so much lovely xxx


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