|Annie The Musical – Review|

As you lovely lot know I adore musical theatre and going to my local theatre just fills me with joy as it’s such a grand building inside and out!

Last night I was very kindly invited along to the opening night and boy I was super duper excited, as I LOVE Annie! Annie is only in Sunderland until 12th October so if you are from the North East then it is a MUST SEE! If you aren’t from the North then I’m sure Annie is coming to a theatre near you!


The Storyline

Annie is an orphan who is left in an orphanage ran by Miss. Hannigan ( who is played by Lesley Joseph aka Dorian in Birds of a feather and also was in Strictly a couple of years ago!) Annie is chosen to spend Christmas with a billionaire called Mr Warbucks. In the two weeks that Annie is there Mr Warbucks has fallen in love with little Annie and wants to adopt her BUT she what she really wants is to find her parents.


Mr Warbucks sets out to find them for her and offers a cash reward. Miss Hannigan gets wind of it and wouldn’t mind the money for herself, as she runs the orphanage that is also home to little girls who like Annie are orphans. Miss Hannigans brother and his girfriend pretend to be Annie’s parents. After a meeting with Annie and showing them fake proof that Annie is theres.


Mr Warbucks finds out that they are faking it for the money and calls them out. They including Miss Hannigan get arrested and Mr Warbucks adopts Annie and the other kids.  We also learn that Annie’s parents have passed away many years after they left her at the orphanage.



My Thoughts

I bloody LOVED IT. I wasn’t sure at first as the storyline is set in America so the cast try to act/sing in an American accent so sometimes you couldn’t always understand what they were saying. I love the storyline and thought all of the cast were outstanding. I was mesmerised by Lesley Joseph as I adore her and have done since I was little, I did get a little tear in my eye when she first came onto the stage. I just think for someone who is 73 and still being part of the show business world is fantastic! I would recommend this show to anyone and if not the theatre version then the DVD! It’s a good classic that never gets old. Really enjoyed it from start to finish! I had the best evening!

Do you love Annie?

Thank you for reading xxx

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