|Ghetto Golf -OOTD|

I finally took a trip to Ghetto Golf and it was incredible. Ghetto golf is an over 18’s 18 hole mini crazy golf that has recently opened up in Newcastle. They also have them in Liverpool and Birmingham. I’ve wanted to go for a while and kept seeing it on Instagram and a few people I know have been and said it was really good, so I tried it out and boy I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the whole experience even though I’m pretty rubbish at golf and came last.

Whilst I had a good time with my girlies I felt extremely rushed as there was a big group on the next course who wasn’t interested in taking photo’s. We all felt hurried to take photos as to play as sometimes they’d finished there round of golf quickly and were waiting for us to finish, meaning they’d end up watching us play which for me was very off putting  BUT I did however love my outfit!





My blush pink jumper is the same as the green jumper in my previous outfit post from Primark. I simply adore these thin jumpers and love that they can be worn as an evening outfit for these colder autumn/winter nights. Paired with the jumper I have purchased for the first time ever a pair of TROUSERS!. They are not something I would normally pick up to buy as I usually wear skinny jeans but I see these in New Look and just had to have them. They are super comfy and I love that they have pockets in them. These cost me £22.99 and they are so worth the price tag!


I’m so pleased I purchased them and went out of my comfort zone I can see me wearing these a lot. I adore the fact that they are so versatile and can be worn dressed up with a pair of heels or casual with a pair of converse.  If you would like to grab a pair for yourself or just to have more of a nebb and them then here is the link  

Have you bought anything out of your comfort zone? I would love to know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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5 thoughts on “|Ghetto Golf -OOTD|

  1. Omg this is the coolest place ever and woo you go girl!! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is SO important. I need to buy more outfits that I like but am too scared to wear! xxx


  2. I love your trousers – they are so shiny!!!
    I admire you being able to take these photos. I always feel so awkward taking photos in public, although I do sometimes feel more confident if I am wearing a cute outfit like you are. xx


    1. I’m obsessed with them I’m already planning when I can wear them next haha.

      All you need to think is you’re not going to see these people again and your not harming anyone your simply taking a photo go you! xx

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