|Seasonal Bakes – Halloween|

Happy Halloween Everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love doing a spot of baking whenever I get free time. So like last year I decided to bake my usual cupcakes, I rarely bake anything else. I’m tempted to try and bake my first every Victoria sponge cake after feeling inspired by the Great British Bake Off but we shall see haha. Rather than doing my bog standard vanilla cupcakes I thought I would do chocolate ones!. I will be honest I’ve never made chocolate cupcakes so I was a little excited to see how they would turn out. Yes I know I’m making a big deal and there only cupcakes but I didn’t want them to be a failure.


For my recipe I used this Mary Berry one because let’s face it I adore her and she is the queen of baking! What I love about her methods is that she just adds all of the ingredients together and mixtures using an electric whisk. I like to call it the ‘lazy way’ which is perfect for me and it’s also lets time consuming. They turned out great and tasted rather good too, what a bonus!.


As you can see they turned out massive! just how I like to bake them. I did go a little OTT when putting the mixture into the cases but hey who doesn’t love muffin style chocolate cupcakes!.


I’m not a huge lover of icing so I often just like a little dollop on the top. I picked up some eatable halloween icing decorations from my local B&M store and they were just perfect for what I wanted to create. A simple halloween bake.

To see last year’s halloween bake then simply click here I also baked some Halloween style cookies as well. Can you tell I like to keep things simple.

Have you baked anything for Halloween? I would love to know/see them!

I can’t wait to dive into Christmas content so if there’s anything christmassy you’d like to see on my blog then please let me know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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