|OOTD – Cragside|

Happy Monday!

Let’s talk about the colour Pink. Pink is not normally a colour I would go to but recently I’ve fallen in love with the colour pink, in particular the blush pink shade. This year when I open my wardrobe I’m greeted by that colour and it feels fabulous. Normally my wardrobe is filled with the two simple and basic colours : black and grey. They are my go to colours and colours that a lot of people know that I wear ALOT. 

I’ve never been somewhat of a girlie girl so the colour pink doesn’t come naturally to me, but when I seen this shade of pink I just knew it was my kinda of shade. Not too bright not too pale. As you know I have a pink teddy coat from M&S last year and I’m still in love with it and will be wearing it for sure this year alongside my two other coats I’ve picked up this season. Coat’s aide I have a few blush pink jumpers and I love them!


Despite being blinded by that beautiful Autumn sunshine this jumper is from Primark for I think around the £10 mark and is just perfect for days like this. I did as always have a tee underneath as I wasn’t sure what the temperature was going to be like. I love wearing this shade with dark denim jeans rather than light or dark blue one as I feel it compliments the colour more.

I also for the first time wore my second new coat which is from Topshop and I love it. However I have recently seen it in a mustard colour which makes me VERY tempted to purchase it. I paired up the black coat with this colourful very thick very cosy, fluffy pink and mustard shaded scarf which cost £6 from Primark. I feel Primark clothing is very strong this year and they have a lot of fantastic pieces at some bargain prices!


I’ve wandered around Cragside quite a few times and I never get tired of this view. Looking up at the house each season and seeing all of the changes is just perfect. Makes you appreciate and reflect on your day/week. I do love exploring around National Trust’s on a weekend. Getting out and getting some fresh air ready for the week ahead.

Where is a place you visit a lot? Let me know in the comments

Thank you for reading xxx

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