|The Bodyguard Musical – Review|

The bodyguard is a musical I’ve wanted to see for sooo long now and when I seen that it was coming to my hometown theatre I was thrilled!. I’ve seen the film version that stars Whitey Houston herself many moons ago so I knew the storyline but my god the theatre version is on another level!. The bodyguard musical originally opened in the West End in December 2012 and has been a massive hit and was even nominated for 4 Oliver Awards! This musical is based on the 1992 film starring Whiney Houston and Kevin Costner.


About the Musical

This storyline is about a famous singer Rachel Marron (played by Alexandra Burke) who ends up having a crazy stalker who thinks he knows her and is in a relationship with her therefore she needs protecting. Her manager sends in agent Frank Farmer to protect her and her family. At first Rachel hates him and doesn’t understand the need for having body guard until her stalker gets more and more closer to her. As time goes on Rachel and Frank end up getting close and falling in love with one another which isn’t what either one of them expected to happen as they both like to be in charge of situations.  As the stalker become more visible in Rachel’s life by being at home with her son Freddie while she’s away, Frank decides to take her and hr family to a place where he used to call home only to find out that the stalker as found them. In the end her stalker gets what’s coming to him.


My Thoughts

Absolutely outstanding performance from the whole cast especially Alexandra. Never have I been to see a show and jumped and gasped so much due to the dramatic scenes that unfolds in this musical. I adored the early duet between Alexandra and Emmy (Rachel and Niki Marron) both have such beautiful and powerful voices!. I also loved the stage set up as well very classy especially the ending when Alexandra sings the classic Whitney track ‘I will always love you’ wow I was completely blown away to the point of having a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes!. Goosebumps throughout. Alexandra plays this role perfectly, loved every second of it. I would highly recommend it it has to be without a doubt one of the best musical’s I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of them haha.  I also love that after the show had finished and the cast has taken there well deserved bows that they came back out and preformed ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and it really got the crowd involved. A well deserved standing ovation well done to all involved! I will definitely be listening to Whitney on repeat now as I have her iconic songs stuck in my head!

This musical is here in Sunderland until the 23rd November before it embarks on another theatre. To find out if its coming to a theatre near you then just click the link here which will take you straight to the bodyguard musical website.

What’s your all time fave musical you have seen?

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “|The Bodyguard Musical – Review|

  1. So this is what Alexandra Burke is up to nowadays!!!
    I saw this musical when it was in the West End and loved it (although to be honest, have not seen many West End productions that I have not loved)! I don’t think Alexandra Burke was playing the lead then though.
    Favourite musical I have seen has to be either Waitress or Wicked! xx


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