|Last Of The Autumn Sun – OOTD|

Happy Monday!!! Another week closer to December!

We all thrive on seeing a peak of sunshine in between the dark days, as December and winter get that little closer and I for one have been embracing it. Last week I looked at my weather app I seen that the sun was going to make a slight appearance in the morning time so decided to set my alarm and head out on a walk. I love going for walks when the weathers starting to turn and being all wrapped up. A fresh morning walk really set me up for the day and made me very much more productive.

As it wasn’t too chilly I didn’t wrap up to much. My outfit as always was simply with a little hint of colour. As you know this year I’ve really embraced the colour pink and a lot of this years jumpers are in that colour AND I now even have pastel pink hair!, so naturally my little pop of colour was pink.


This shirt is from River Island and it’s a one I had my eye on for weeks. Literally every time I went in I kept picking it up and putting it back, picking it up again ect then one day someone I work with told me it was in …… THE SALE! oh my goodness after I finished work I headed straight there and it was the last one left AND it was in my size, talk about a coincidence. I was made up couldn’t believe my luck. I picked this shirt up for £17 down from £35 what a bargain!.


just love it. I love that it can be worn buttoned up or open with a jumper underneath like I have styled it here. It’s fairly thick as well as it can be worn like a jumper which is perfect for me. 


My coat is from Topshop and I bloody love it. This classic black cost cost £59.00 which in my opinion is worth it especially with how think and warm it is. I haven’t worn this out much yet as I’ve been wearing my grey one. They are both smart coats and very similar in style and I just love them. I love how they fit and with this one it’s a little bigger despite it being the same size as my grey one it goes really well with VERY Chucky jumpers. A little extra room for thick jumpers and thick scarfs, perfect! They also do this coat in a beautiful mustard shade which I seen after I got this black one however I’m very happy with my choice in coats this year! Can’t beat a classic black coat that will go with literally every single outfit! Here’s is a link to the coat 


I’m really going to miss the colours of Autumn but I’m excited for all this Christmas! Autumn will always have a special place in my heart as I adore how beautiful it makes places look. Autumn sunshine is my fave I love being all cosy!

Where have you been getting your winter coats from? I would love to know!

Thank you for reading xxx

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5 thoughts on “|Last Of The Autumn Sun – OOTD|

  1. I have just been to Norway so was very grateful for my winter coat with the down in it! It is a puffer jacket so not the most attractive but definitely worth it for the warm snug feeling you get! Excited for lots of winter photos at Christmas markets and light displays!!! xx


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